A Little About Myself

I’ve been many things, persona’s, attitudes, achievements, failures, and an amalgamation of experiences and memories. I believe I am a person who is always striving to achieve more than what is possible. 


Born in 1995, on the 29th of August, till date, I have a mixture of memories, talents, and ambitions. From a family of 6, including myself, I believe I am the spoilt one. That credit/discredit would go to parents for always pampering me. Especially my father, who always believed that I was more like a ‘son’ than a daughter due to my overwhelming hyperactivity, drive, and motivation to do more than expected from the ordinary. May Allah grant him the highest place in Jannah, Ameen.

I spent the first 16 years of my life in a Red Brick Building which people refer to as LGS Defence Phase 1. For me, it was more than a place of learning; it was a home. A home I shared with many others who I call my friends. My school gave me the right amount of push needed for my inner adrenaline to pursue different activities including Debates, Social Work, and Sportsmanship and achieving great recognition for the latter.

At school, I developed a fondness for helping the society, primarily social work. The highlight I would refer to in my O Levels would be my trips to the Mayo Hospital to paint the “Burnt Children’s Ward.”

During the time I spent painting the ward alongside my fellow peers in the scorching hot days of June at the time of Ramadan, I knew I was doing something good, but to convince you, I’ll share a little story.

As I was almost done painting the colorful bright fish, there was a bed next to me on which lay a child, not more than 4 years old, crying in pain and anguish from the scars which were being tend to by a nurse. The mother was trying to comfort the child but it seemed to be of no use. And just then, the mother said “Ayesha, voh dekho,” while pointing at the wall, in my direction. It was just then that I saw a pair of brown eyes fixated at the fish on the wall and then there was silence. A smile appeared on the Ayesha’s face and just then, I knew why I was there.


Sports is something I have always loved. Being the Sports President of the O Level Council, I represented my team and took on challenges only to come back with a trophy in hand with undying uniformity and happiness.

Being a part of the World’s Largest Student Driven Organisation in the World, AIESEC, since first year in LSE, my involvement in AIESEC has lead me to undertake experiences which have been vital to my development and growth. By being a part of this organisation, I have met and interacted with more than 900 people in the last 3 years, including those from different cities in Pakistan and across borders as well. In one the conferences ofAIESEC, I was the facilitator and delivered a handful of sessions as well which were based on Self-Evaluation and the different types of challenged one gets to face in life. Above all, from the things I love to do, speaking would be my favorite. I love expressing myself and putting my views forward. I like a good conversation and some food for thought.

Currently, I am a full time student at the Lahore School of Economics, a part of a Start-up namely Venture for Pakistan, Founder of my own Startup for Pets, Adoppet, a Writer at online e-newspaper, The Lahore Times.

Adoppet Logo

All these experiences of mine are not alone; they’re shared with a group of people who surround me; friends.


Author: Minahil Imran

Minahil is a 21 year old student, pursuing her undergraduate degree at the Lahore School of Economics. Her interests include writing, poetry, technology and psychology.

10 thoughts on “A Little About Myself”

  1. There are few people out there who tend to achieve their targets and aims by pursuing them rather than by privilege, and you’re one of them. Your father must be so proud of you from up there.


  2. There are very few people who impress me. Great to see you are one of them. Keep inspiring and keep going strong 😀


  3. It was wonderful to read about all your accomplishments! I have seen you blossom from a toddler to an accomplished young lady. You have done your parents proud!


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