A little Glimpse of Me

Well the lesser you hear what people say about you, the more you succeed. Is it the case or isn’t it starting hello reader! as good manners indicate,i’ll introduce myself before anything else.my name is usman tariq i was born in the heart of Pakistan the most beautiful “Zinda-Dilana-Lahore” on 26 September 1995 i was raised up from kindergarten till my A-levels in  Beacon house school system from where i learned a lot of stuff that was helpful in my upcoming years making me capable and strong for many situations and events that were difficult to tackle.

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collecting lot of memories and learning a lot from my teachers friends and surrounding around me .I always lacked because i thought i was a average student who cannot achieve his goals what so ever he does my mother always running after me yelling all the time study hard and get good marks as i was the first child of my parents they want me to raise up as best as they can so i was attacked with their concern of attention towards me and my life whats happening what i am actually doing with my self however i lacked even though i studied hard getting tutions all the time but i lacked and got failed or average marks which had got worse moment of my life on every ptm when my mom came back home sad and depressed and father yelling at me when he came back from the office so this pahse just crossed me at the speed of light teaching me and making me learn lot of things and how to tackle problems and how to slove them as i was type of shy guy but one who had better understanding and who analyze things better than anyone.

so collecting all the memories and life events i moved to my Alevels with a challenging life and goals that i were to achieve in my near future i have passion of doing gym,motor sports and travelling to northern areas and aim of getting good oppourtunities to succeed and make my parents happy of their son who he is and he can succeed so i enterd that day with aim and completed my A levels with acceptable result and achieving my goals that i planned.

So here i graduated and applied for my undergraduate programme making my self getting admitted in one of the top universities of lahore making my parents proud and happy of me

Getting into Lse was a good option for me which is making me better as a person and shaping me and my lifestyle which couldn’t have been possible with this institute so i wish my best of luck for my future


“Dont wait for opportunity create it”


Author: Usman tariq

i love life and exploring out of it.

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