About Myself !

I basically belong to Dera Ismail Khan, KPK. When i was 5 i was sent to Aitchison College , Lahore for studies because mostly every child of our family is sent there and it is more like a second home for us. I got admission in class 1, 2000 and finished my studies in 2014 after doing my A-levels from there. I spent my life there as a border. In Aitchison there are people from every province of the country and you make friends from all over Pakistan. I am a good swimmer and love to play table tennis.

In 2012 i went to summer school in France to know more of their culture, language,etc. There i learned many different things and meet different people from all around the world who were attending the summer school. i learned basic french language in in institut de touraine.


So about myself, i am a very friendly person to talk to and cares about everyone. I have a good interest in politics. I belong to a political background family and i support PTI. I like to watch movies and one of my favorite movie is “The Godfather”.

I’m going to make him an offer he can’t refuse

Be careful who you trust, Not everyone that smiles at you is your friend


Author: Abdullah Alizai

I am 22 years Studying BBA from LSE and studied in Aitchison College from 2000-14

6 thoughts on “About Myself !”

  1. Very good peroson , u r caring and loving but bit stubborn and irritating at time . Work hard and achieve your goals


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