Cricket; not just a game..

As long as my memory holds, whenever someone asks me about who i am and what defines me best, one word , one interest , one hobby , one passion would be ; cricket. Never knew this passion for cricket will come a long way throughout my life and would make me understand what life is. Cricket has taught me how to deal with failure, how to work hard, how to work as a team and most importantly it has taught me how to be a leader.


It all started off at a very early age when i used to watch cricket matches with my dad. Little did i know then , it would bring in this undying passion of cricket in me. My dad would gift me new bats and would always tell me to play the ball on it’s merit and not going for rash shots. He had developed such craziness in my mind about the game itself that from that moment i always wanted to play at a professional level. I started playing at school and soon became the captain of my team. Moving to Lahore after my A levels was a new experience all together . I luckily got a place in my university team at my freshmen year and since then i have had massive exposure which has made my game a lot more mature. I Play for team Retro flyers in LSE and we have won 3 league trophies since i came here.

Team Retros


Yes I have worked hard and dedicated myself to get better at the game so I can make my dreams come true. Cricket is a beautiful art that takes focus and concentration. My love for the game keeps me on the field and I honestly wouldn’t know what I would do with myself if cricket didn’t exist. In cricket, your mental stability is your greatest gift. It is about calmness and the right time to get aggressive which gives you success at any level. For me my aggressive nature  has always been the key to whatever success i have achieved in and off the field. My idol is the one and only , Shahid Afridi who has been an inspiration throughout with his all round capabilities. He doesn’t need an introduction as he is loved my billions.

Shahid Afridi official



Over the coming years, I would come to realize that even beyond being the most fun I had ever had, cricket was an incredibly important influence on my life. It kept me in better shape than I would have been in otherwise, and while that benefit is somewhat obvious, cricket has also influenced me in more subtle ways. Although playing cricket didn’t stop everything bad from happening to me, it gave me the confidence to handle situations with more maturity and poise. Like if i could win a game by just staying on the wicket and playing a sensible innings, that way i can tackle every problem in life by just staying calm and not just running away from it. If I could ball in the right areas and wait for the batsman to make a mistake , that way I would wait for the other person to make a mistake and then cash in on anything.


I love cricket, not just for the successful play, a six, a wicket or a catch . I love cricket because playing the game has taught me, like many others, how to be physically fit, mentally sharp, and an independent player within a working team. I learned to persevere in order to overcome adversity and achieve goals. It taught me how to succeed in life.


Author: haiderkhan77

i am 22 years old currently doing a marketing degree at the Lahore school of economics . I am sportsman and cricket is my favorite sport.

6 thoughts on “Cricket; not just a game..”

  1. Beautifully put together from the beginning about how the craze developed in early days to the days when he started achieving big. Amazing how a game can turn out to be more than a game in an individual’s life. Cheers bro and may you achieve a lot more in the future.

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  2. Tbh, I didn’t expect to react to this blog like this. A friend recommended me this blog and i thought it’s another one of those basic blogs. Opening the link, this turned to be about cricket so that grew my interest.
    And what i learned from this is that they are many out there with such crazy passion about Cricket. Such beautifully written about the feeling whether you’re inside the game or not, your heart it still in cricket.

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  3. I may not be an avid reader but first few lines took my attention and i am overwhelmed to see that someone fully understands the essentials of cricket. you are a lucky guy that your father held your hand and helped you achieve something which you were really good at. i would place a humble request, please pursue your dream and give it what it takes to be among the green shirts. i see a brighter future of Pakistan cricket. long way to go man….

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  4. Very emotional when it comes to his game is concerned. His game is cricket and will remain cricket even if he doesn’t get the desired results that he is looking for but one thing i must say about him is that cricket is indeed not just a game but a true a life that is buried in it.


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