Seeker? Innovator? anything but Common

Who am I? Maybe a somebody, maybe a nobody or maybe someone in making. I am no master of life lessons but I have learned to live my life my way as much as I can. As far as I can remember, I’ve been beating all the stereotypical stuff and always making my way into innovating something or trying something different. I had a dream of working in the field of media and arts mostly media; art is just there to make the thing look impactful.


After completing my O-Levels from BSS AITC, I went on to Beaconhouse Defence Campus for further studies. Fresh out form a middle classed area into an upper class lifestyle, I wouldn’t say that my life took a huge twist in the tale. First things were a little different given my surroundings were changed and even at first that red brick building became such a miserable place that I wanted that old life back at any cost. I still remember staying up all night thinking about where life is going to take me and how will I manage everything on my school farewell night. But I didn’t know that BDC would actually turn out to be the best time of my life in which obviously if I could I would change a few details but that is the time where I would reset my life to every time if I ever had that kind of option or luck. I grew up watching all kind of Bollywood and Hollywood movies which somehow took me so close to this part of universe that nothing else could interest me more than this and I made that part my world. In BDC I opted to study media which wasn’t a very popular subject but that didn’t reduce my interest in it, I went through with it. Believe me that class was the best thing about studying, I have been studies Economics, Accounting, History but nothing was more satisfying than studying media.







It taught me a lot of thing and further cleared my vision about what to actually do in future. Call it coincidence or just pure luck but soon I emerged as the New President of Media Society which was both a surprise and a huge responsibility to me. After getting this huge responsibility, I started working really hard towards my goal. I joined up an independent production house “Itsmarka Productions” (go ahead, give it a Facebook search).



Soon after joining I worked in a couple of projects hence soon became a vital member of the group. Mostly I went for acting but soon I emerged into a writer too. Almost all the projects in which I worked, I wrote the script on my own with a little help from my group members.  When I graduated to the second year of my A-levels, I had a lot of experience and hard work with me. All this time spent in media lab actually brought a lot of success. We won a lot of awards from our short film/advertisements/ documentaries.



I then focused towards my final media project which was a lot harder than these small independent projects however with proper guidance and focus we managed to pull off that hence got a decent grade in the subject. After BDC, I wanted to pursue my career more in media but you know what they say “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” so I opted to join LSE instead hence still pursued my work through working in media minors, it wasn’t that much impactful but helped with time.


My Journey hasn’t been very easy or straight forward but it have had its moments, sometimes it has been amazingly charming while sometimes it have had its fair share of bad moments but all together, life has taught me so much. I know one thing for sure, never plan your life, it never goes that way, every little detail will change because that is what life does to you, it takes your vision screws with it and puts up a more realistic version in front of your eyes.




Someone once told me ” What you’re seeking is seeking you” that what keeps me going….


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