The Artist

Who am I?


I’m an ARTIST; I paint, I bake, I read, and when I have to prove myself to those around me, I study… *wink wink*

Since the past 4 years, I have been professionally working as a full-time baker, and even though I wanted to pursue my dream to study in culinary arts, I had to put a temporary stop to prove my worth to the society. To be of worth in our society “I must have a degree”, and unfortunately the degrees are recognized only when they’re from a business school, or an engineering school, a medical school, or a sciences school. It is good to hear that our society has started accepting degrees from Art Schools like NCA as worthy enough of their praises, however, even today, in this fast pace time race, an artist graduating from an art school needs to work full-time, in jobs which are either related to the Media, or otherwise in a field totally opposite to “arts”.

From being called as a guest to give a workshop on baking, to having set-up my own stall at Emporium Mall on the National Cake day, I believe I still have a long way to go in this field, and I’m not afraid to walk this path anymore.

When working full-time as a baker, I found nearly half of the society I live in praising my work and calling it a “Skill” which is rare and very few possess it, while the other half believed it’s a side-business, and mustn’t be considered as a career.  I ask those who believe baking is not a full-time job, as to define what a full-time job is to them? Waking up at 7:00 am and being at the office at 8:00 am? Or wearing a suit to work? I believe that one mustn’t define what they do with time constraints or by what they wear. If that is so, why is a Doctor highly recognized when he goes to check on a patient at 2:00 pm? Or why is an architect still building houses when he’s in his shorts?

13138761_608380519311902_5370291696309717035_nMy first ever try at using my painting skills on a cake

The days when I paint, I turn into someone who is expressive and more or less like an open book. When one is painting, you don’t need to “think” before you speak, which is the best part about it. All you need to do is set a canvas, hold a brush, assemble the paints, and pour your heart out in every flick of the brush! This is why I paint every painting overnight, which I know is not something usually painters do as they believe each painting takes months or years to make, but I say different. I paint in a specific mood each time, and thus, each of my paintings has been painted in a unique mood which I was in at the particular time when I was painting it. Confused much?

Let me show you how, as I’m better at expressing what I mean with a brush more than a pen.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All that put aside, there are other things which make-up the real me; reading novels, watching movies, and listening to music. These may be very mainstream hobbies, but I believe even actions as common as reading novels are not everybody’s forte.

I love Harry Potter, like a fan possessed. And my friends certainly know what’s the best gift to get me *winks again*. I also love reading Khalid Husseini’s and Dan Brown’s novels (but not as fanatically as I love HP).


To sum it up, have you heard of the word Introvert? Well, that’s what I am. I am an introvert and I’m not even ashamed to admit it. You know why? Because being an introvert doesn’t mean I’m so full of myself that I love to be labeled as “Self-Obsessed”. The term is far more than just this; it is an expression of how much I love my existence, that I am my own best friend. I focus on ME, and I believe that this is the best thing one can do, be loyal to your own self. So I paint even when those around me want me to study, and I bake even when those around me say I need to focus on a fruitful career. Because this is who I am, and I love me.


It is said that you come alone, and you die alone, then why do you focus on those around you and prioritize them over your own self? Do you love them more than yourself? If so, you, my friend, are being disloyal to yourself.

To find out more about me, visit:


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Author: shazrayj

Me? I'm an artist by choice, a baker by profession, and a student who's still trying to figure out the meaning of the world, and my role in it. I seek peace through meditation, travelling, and surrounding myself with the few who I love, but when needed, I can be the most social person anyone will ever find. I am Shazray, and my conscience is my best friend.

11 thoughts on “The Artist”

  1. Very nicely summed. Loved reading and finding about you. Agree to a lot of your points. And being a baker myself, i know/can imagine how hard it is to create something that satisfies the client and above all ourselves with our creations. And for those who think its a part time job.. they have no idea how time consuming it is. Its more than a full time job. Studying, painting, baking etc simultaneously is not what just any person can do. Kudos and best of luck for your future endeavours!

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  2. Shazray you truly are an artist. Work doesn’t have boundaries, either you’re working at home or in an office . Your work speaks for itself. Good luck for your future dear.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sensational! Very well described. You are doing beautifully and you’ve just about mastered it. I really appreciate all the hardwork u have been balancing out and i really wish you best of luck in the future. May your life be colorful as ever. Keep up the good work dear. A smile is worth 1000 words.. keep smiling always and bring it on 😉 Much Love

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  4. Reading your article brought back the memories of fresh paint and brush strokes.. truly inspiring! I’ve lost the artist in me and just now I’m realising how much i used to enjoy painting. We need more articles like these from you to inspire hundreds of artists who seem to have been lost.


  5. I am amazed at how accurately you’ve defined the life of an artist and their value in our society – to date. Hats off! May this blog go global!


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