To travel is to evolve


Travelling for me is something that has always provided me with happiness throughout my life. I always knew as a small kid that there was much more to this beautiful world than what I experienced with my naked eyes and I was always curious to know about it. I knew that everything takes time to take place and in this case I was sure that I had to wait for a long time in order to live my dream of travelling on my own terms.

Sudden Plans

The first travelling experience which I would actually count as a life changing one was this sudden made trip into the Northern areas of Pakistan in 2015. The trip took me nearer to the mother nature than ever before and for the first time in my life I saw something so naturally beautiful that I could not even believe it.  The area is popular for its lakes, streams and gorgeous water-falls but is mostly known for its one lake named Saif-ul-Maluk.  It is among one of the most stunning lakes of Pakistan. Here in the waters of this valley, world’s renowned fishes are found named Trout and Mahasheer. Especially the trout of River Kunhar is very popular among tourists and locals as well. This was when my faith on God was stronger than ever because I was sure that something divine surely has crafted this amount of beauty and this was no less than a miracle.
This website was very useful in knowing about the details about the Naran Valley:
Visit NaranIMG_0353

Hello Skyscrapers

The next trip came 6 months later and this time I had the chance to explore the fine example of the modern world and its evolution and Dubai became the first abroad visit since my childhood days which I had no memory of.

This trip had a very significant impact on my personality as it gave the chance to know about how fast the pace of the world actually was and allowed me to gel in with people of different cultures and races. Dubai, a heaven for tourists did not disappoint at all in fact I was able to see all kinds of people on a single street with everybody enjoying and having the time of their lives. The malls, beaches, safaris and the Arabian cuisine were all the highlights of the trip and this experience made me more hungry to travel in the future.
This website was very useful in guiding about the terrorism in Dubai:
Visit Dubai

Dream Come True

A morning of July, 2016 and I got a call from the embassy to come and receive my visa for the United Kingdom and I still could not believe that I was actually going to visit London, Glasgow, Manchester and Edinburgh. This travelling experience stands above all in terms of everything. Firstly I always loved and wanted to go to the United Kingdom, secondly being a huge sports fan it was the perfect place to visit the prestigious Wimbledon Centre Court of Tennis, the Lords cricket ground or the stadiums of the world famous English Premier League of Football.

This trip was a month long and I had the full liberty to explore the cities I mentioned in detail as much as I could. Having one of the best cafes and restaurants in the world or may it be the famous British Fish and Chips. From historic and cultural streets and castles to famous museums and theatres, United Kingdom was a treat to watch.

A Trip Alone

This travel was to Doha, Qatar to see Novak Djokovic, a Tennis player and my favourite sportsman who playing an ATP Tennis tournament in January 2017. This time I went alone and that is why this experience was very much different from the earlier ones because here I did not had to look after anyone except myself and I had more autonomy of doing things my way. The experience was a mini version of Dubai but was still terrific and lead me to newer things on my bucket list which I would rightfully keep on achieving.
I went to watch this tournament in Doha : Qatar Open 2017

Why Travel?

Travelling has enabled me to look at one thing from different perspectives, it has helped me in knowing the human psychic a little better than before. It has taught me that how humans are so much similar to each other across the borders and yet so different at the same time. It has given me the chance to conquer the world in my head because every mountain I climb there is another view waiting for me and henceforth travelling is the silver-lining to my life and that is what keeps me going on.


Author: hcheema71

I am a person who strongly believes in the word "Silver-lining" because that is what brings light in my life. All of my present actions are entirely based on what I expect from the future and how can I create it for me. I am person who gets paranoid easily and is a little extra conscious about what is going to come next but hope and faith along with the support of friends, family, tennis and gym is what fuels the fire in me.

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