Who am I?

Well lets begin with the obvious, I’m introvert, I have been always shy, a little on the reserved side especially when meeting new people and socializing undeniably has been a big obstacle which I have tried to overcome in the recent few years. Even as a child, I liked the company of a few people, while the rest of the time I was immersed in books, cartoons; my own tiny world in other words. My world consists of a few people, family and close friends and I believe that is the best way to live a life. As I grew up, my personality developed allowing me to recognize that I am indeed someone with a different outlook on life. I dwell on little things, which bring me happiness, simple things, uncomplicated are always the best in my dictionary.





Having completed my O and A levels from Lahore Grammar School, 55-Main, I joined Lahore School of Economics where I discovered that my interest in International Relations and Psychology amplified. These courses allowed me to broaden and improve my horizon in terms of my writing skills and understanding of the world and human body.

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Apart from academics, I like reading books. Be it autobiographies or fiction; although my all time favorite books would be the Harry Potter series and Khaled Hosseini’s books. Moving on, history also fascinates me, which is why I like watching films about the world wars such as Schindler’s List,  rise to power or even the formation of Pakistan where Qaid-e-Azam’s struggled to help monitories gain an independent homeland was captivating. My passion to gain more insight about the world’s history is something, which has been constant ever since I discovered it.


I am absolutely in love with the idea of travelling. Travelling to places I have never been is something I enjoy doing. Discovering new people, gaining an insight into the peoples’ lives, the cuisines, the architecture, all of it leaves me in awe of every place I have travelled to. Rome and Paris have been my favorite up till now. Walking through the Colosseum, looking down at the arena where the gladiators once used to fight was all a bit too intriguing. The Palace of Versailles is also a beautiful sight, one that is beyond allowing any description to do it justice and one that surely made my trip to France worthwhile back in the day.

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I have yet to discover more of the world, not just through travelling but also through books, music, different perspectives and opinions and I hope to do it all soon, a little each and everyday.

That’s all for now.


Author: Mahgul Agha

"We shall get there someday"

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