A boy from the City of Iqbal, حسيب


I’m a self-driven motivated person. If I recall my early academic years, I used to be a bright student. But I suppose that quality fades away with time. 

Who am I?


‘East, west, south and north makes a little difference. No matter what your destination, just be sure to make every journey a journey within. If you travel within, you’ll travel the whole wide world and beyond’

The first practical decision that I got to take for myself was to choose my subjects in O Levels. I know it’s not something that one would remember as a memory but I do. I didn’t peruse my passion. I was more a machine loving person. As a kid I used to break things just to find out the mechanism behind how they worked. It was fun. But when time came to choose subjects, I opted for business courses because I wanted to do what my brother and cousin did. I considered them cool so it justified why I choose what I chose.

I’ve been scared of dogs ever since I got chased by one. It was a street dog and scared the crap out of me. But later when we actually got a dog. Not just any dog, a German shepherd. And after a few weeks I was able to come over my fear about dogs and started believing that it’s true what they say, dogs are the best friends you can have!

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I share a bond with food.  For me food is not only nourishing but also comforting, loving, fun, pleasurable and well-being. Everyone likes food. But there are some people who really love food and I count myself one of them.

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” – Virginia Woolf, A Room of One’s Own

To Travel is to live – This perfectly describes my thoughts regarding wanderlust. I just love to travel, as it is one of those few things, which makes us realize that life is so beautiful and there is so much to admire.
It gives us a chance to explore new places, witness different cultures, and traditions; a chance to meet people who are born in a different world than ours and have different mentality; to try different cuisines.

I love listening to music. Especially trance. It is something that makes a person move every bone in his/her body. Ever since I’ve learned about the tomorrow land, I’ve been obsessed. And one day will come when I’ll be on this amazing spiritual tour!


Do not take life too seriously, you will never get out of it alive – Elbert Hubbard


Lahori with a Food obsession

Growing up in a city like Lahore,it is hard not to love food.Especially in a family like mine where going out to eat was always a grand affair.This then led to my appreciation for fine dining and thankfully there is an abundance of places in Lahore to indulge me.So for me the experience of fine dining is not just related to food,it is the chance to unwind after a long day,a celebration,luxury and much more.IMG-20170410-WA0004.jpg

Over the time I have developed a directory in terms of the restaurants and my favorite dishes there to accommodate all of my moods and cravings.There is a place and dish for all occasions and purposes.If i want to celebrate a success then Pakistani cuisine is what i seek and if i am upset then Chinese food will do the trick.Some may think that i think too much about food but the fact is that who doesn’t? You would be lying if you said that Lahori isn’t bothered much by what he/she is given to eat.

I think it all starts from the ‘Dawats’ that we indulge in at our own homes.Where the amount of homemade dishes  is thought to be equivalent to the love and importance to the host family attributes to you.Food has always been an integral part of our culture.No meeting is complete without food.IMG-20170410-WA0006

I do not think that there is even a single Lahori who has not indulged in a breakfast so lavish and calorie laden that they did not want to go back to sleep for the next three hours again.Such is the case with me.Food has always been a part of my household and  thus,my life too.There is at least one gathering a month where the entire family gathers for breakfast.

So it is no surprise that i too developed a special taste for finer things in life and lets admit it,nothing is finer than food! 

My Ordinary Self

Growing up, I am a person who always wanted to be something who radiates positivity. Unlike most people my age, I try to look at the best in situations, people, and even places. Speaking of places, I love to travel. I love to explore different places and so by far, I have managed to have been to a handful of countries.

The first 14 years of my life were mostly spent at my school, Aitchison College. At school, I learnt, what was the usual, from books but due to an in-born talent for cricket inherited from my father, it was in O Levels where I was first aquatinted with a bat and ball. Other peers and friends of mine saw themselves excelling in debates, events, social work and academics; but my favourite learning environment was the brown piece of patch in a large ground which everyone calls the “pitch.”
I have represented my school team in several inter school competitions which is something I take great pride in. Since my interest developed, I have undertaken cricket as a sport in every possible institution. Currently, while studying at the Lahore School of Economics, I am a part of the cricket team and that is probably the best part of the day, week, month for me; when I’m allowed to swing the bat to score a boundary or stop the ball from reaching.

Since I wouldn’t want to bore you further with my talk about cricket because I can go on and on to express my passion, but I’d like to take some time to talk about my travelling experiences. Exploring Pakistan is something I have thoroughly enjoyed and that too with my friends. With my friends at LSE, we have had countless trips to explore the unseen side of the country.

That’s Ahmad Khakwani for You

Watching some of the greatest footballers of all time play some of the best games of their lives is something I live for. When Messi became the youngest ever to score one of the best goals of his career back in 2005, I became not only a fan, but an admirer of the game. The technique, the tactics, the dedication, determination made me realize, it’s more than just a player kicking a ball in the net.


The dream is to be in the stands, cheering my favorite player in one of the biggest stadiums in the world in shape of ‘Camp Nou’ known to be the home of football. Being a Messi fan, I admire Barcelona but ever since I watched my first match with my elder brother in 2008, I started considering myself a fan of Arsenal. It’s a love-hate relationship with that team, you win some, you lose some and supporting them definitely made me realize what this phrase means to an individual. But definitely one of the best moments of my life was watching Arsenal live in 2008, when we lost 1-3 but to be in that great stadium in the north of London was a feeling I will never forget. Losing my voice for a week was definitely worth it.

10679729_10204381590374205_1634767218526244684_oAnother favorite sport of mine is cricket. Hitting the ball as clean as whistle and middling it is one of the best feelings there is. Sports in general is something for that gives happiness and soothes your mind. I regard myself as definitely one of the biggest sport fanatics there is it was for me I would play every sport.

Apart from sports I really enjoy traveling because for me, travelling is the best sort of exposure one can get. I’ve been blessed enough to have visited over ten countries and some of these places include Chicago being my all time favorite, then London, New York, Canada just to name a few. I feel the difference is in the personality and it is a positive one.

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 10.58.41 PM  Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 10.58.54 PM







Having spent all my life in Aitchison, I had the pleasure of meeting some of the best and closest friends and people I know till date. They shaped who I am today and for that I can never thank them enough. They gave me company, laughter, joy, memories, something amazing to look back upon. It is a time where I would relive over and over again if I could.

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Pink Floyd. Guns N Roses. U2. Aerosmith. Classic rock is what I am passionate about. This type of music is what keeps me going on a lazy day and uplifts me. The beat, the lyrics, the way the vocals are sung are nothing sort of magic produced by the bands. I have an interest in singing and if I ever imagine myself singing, the songs by these bands are the ones I aspire to sing.

Footballer. Cricketer. Traveler. Friend. Music Fanatic. That’s Ahmad Khakwani for you.


Born and raised in Lahore, descendant of true Lahoris. I am the rarest of my kind, in fact my family has been living in Lahore for twelve generations. All raised and died here, in this beautiful city that never sleeps. “Zinda Dilan E Lahore” the people of Lahore are best described by the phrase; kindhearted, caring and helpful are the norms of the city in which I grew up. The city of Emperors, the city that never sleeps is what makes Lahore what it is.

A picture of Badshahi Mosque taken by my Grandfather

As a typical Lahori I am in love with food. When i’m not eating, i’m thinking about it, you wouldn’t believe me if you saw me but what can i do if i have a fast metabolic system and you don’t.





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Lahori nashta

As Lahore has changed over the years and so have i, the Lahore is no longer just a walled city, it has expanded beyond the Old Lahore, the second largest city in Pakistan.

The new food street  of Lahore

You can take me out of Lahore but you can’t take the Lahore out of me. I am 21 years old, studying in Lahore School of Economics. I believe that we must travel in order to rediscover our-self as a person. I have traveled inside Pakistan and from my travels I have seen that a person must taste diversity in life in order to succeed.

14th August, 2014- Karokaram Highway



  Deosai Plains, Skardu- 2014

Other than food and travelling I’m a football fanatic. A true supporter of Manchester United, a supporter of the famous Manchester United blog Unitedrant. I’ve been supporting Manchester United since 2006, investing my time and money in the club. Being a Manchester United supporter is tough now a days as the Glory Days have gone since the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson.


The modern day Myself essay.

Ten lines tomorrow: I’ve been too proud and fond of my memory. The grey diary, which had a shade just shy of black, still dwells in some corner of my mind. I remember my English instructor, Miss Zahida, had a lot of interest in giving us assignments. Those “assignments”, however, were only limited to a 10 sentence essay on myself. That mandatory essay would seem pretty easy at that time and I had crammed it In the most professional manner possible. Miss zahida was either too casual or she had no interest in teaching profession. Wonder what might have happened to her.

Okay so here it goes!

Firstly, BEAR WITH ME! I’d refrain from starting myessay” with the clichéd introduction. Obviously, if I do then it’d contradict my title, and the reader might lose interest. For some reason, I can’t let that happen. Anyways, My name is mentioned on the left side. I’ll also mention it in the end. A 22 year old student writing a blog on self introduction reflects a lot on the purpose behind writing this particular essay. As far as I can recall, and I am pretty much sure that you will agree as well that self evaluation is one hell of a tough task. Like I mentioned earlier, there’s a difference in cramming a 10 sentence essay and explaining those particular lines after years.

This is something that I have to get off of my chest (purely intended to connect you emotionally). My mind is constantly dragging me to a depressed corner as to what I should mention and what not to. I am sure that none of you would be interested to know my academic background and neither am I willing to share. Olevels, Alevels, University. Nothing special, Nothing new. Same old stories that a normal, average,student suffers. I have no extra ordinary talent. All I have to myself are hobbies like the lot of you do. The only difference perhaps is that I turn my hobbies into my passions. They’re not an instrument or a tool that I’d use to circulate the second needle on a watch. I have tried to make use of it and trust me when I say this, I HAVE FAILED MISERABLY. But it still brings a smile to my face,s o I guess that is all we search for, right?


Speaking about passion oriented hobbies, I am a huge fan of music. The line of difference that might divide you and I is that I love doing music as much as I love listening to it. They say that Music creates friends. Possibly, I have been a victim of the alternate and parallel theory. My musical talent and offerings were discovered by my best friend for which I am thankful, Akmal. I never knew that I had such a beautiful voice (minus the sarcasm) and it could be put to such beneficial use. However, I haven’t been able to produce much benefit but I am sure that you understand. I am a vocalist here at the Lahore School and have been part of a world famous band, in Multan. Here’s a link to my band Naqsh:


This brings me to the point where I should mention that I am a proud multani. Yes, I’d definitely help you get your box of the famous sohan halwa.

So, I recorded a song back in Olevels and uploaded it on soundcloud. For those of who might actually want to judge me after all the bragging I have done, here’s a link for you below:



Travelling, like many of you dream about, is one of my biggest dreams and I have achieved as much as I have dreamed of. A generalized opinon is generated that going beyond the borders is the only travelling worth of. Trust me, I have met such stupid people. Personally, I believe that our country is enriched with immense beauty and travelling from Gawadar to Khunjrab is a must for anyone who proclaims to be a Pakistani. My advice to you is to stop planning before you go out to travel. This is only limited as far as the decision for the destination goes out. PLEASE PACK YOUR STUFF WISELY. Khali hath na chal parrna.

18035036_10212747469783892_1522446703_n (1)

These two would qualify as to what I refer to as my passionate hobbies and I hope that I have done justice to the both of them. If you personally know me, you’d be thinking about how much of a liar I am. As soon as I graduate, I am going to start off my practical life continuing the family business. Not being a very photogenic person and somewhere, I have accepted the fact that my persona doesn’t suit the eye of the camera as well. I loathe taking selfies and the reason mentioned should abstain you from asking questions about it. For this very reason, The visual and graphical evidence for my essay is limited, and therefore I apologize. Not sure if I should but then again, who’s counting!? Its just a blog. I can do or say whatever I want.


Zahab Ahmad (as promised)

[ احمد }

In this life you can hunt or be hunted. You can either be a sheep or a wolf.

Choice is yours.

I am a 22 year old male who wishes not to be perfect yet to be near to that step where everyone can not appraise yet appreciate me. Sometimes the decision you prefer can actually change the angle of the ground you stand on.

” A hunter must stalk his prey until the hunter becomes the hunted. Then the prey becomes the predator and then the predator and the hunter fights.” 




My father being raised by a single mother and how he crawled through those hard times of his life in early age helped me understand the life perspective to some bit.

Being the eldest in my siblings, some responsibilities do come in life. Having studied for the last decade and currently finding my self swimming through my fellow age students in my university is a life threatening indeed. Its like running for you life, running for CGPA, scoring against Class Participation points and at the end of the day showing the instructor that you were attending all the lectures by actually showing some words in the paper.

Being since the early childhood, i had a firm interest in becoming aeronautical engineering but faced the truth when i could not get straight A’s in my O and A levels. Being the eldest of the siblings, i had to remove the fantasy of being into Formula One racing squad at the early age as it got to my head what loss my parents would face if they lost me.

BUT, no worries. GOT a Suzuki GSXR 600 to fulfill my wish of reaching to above average speeds. There is something about Speed that i loved since i was 8 years old.



Music was another non constant thing in my life that i fulfilled. People thought that i always lied or blobbed about how i love plating music or have any interest. Well the picture says it all and i have no objection saying that

“The less you say, the more they dig”






Studying in Lahore School Of Economics, I learned that people respect power, not honesty. Power can be of any sense. Wealth, Links, Experience or any thing which falls under this tree. Completing in so many challenges at this age being family or institution or personal private socio-life is mentally tiring for me. What can we do?

We can only keep ourselves pushing and pushing to reach our limits 🙂

BTW Even thou i consider my self as an adult yet i love video games.  They can be a good part of life and helps relax and divert your nervous system and ease it a bit.