[ احمد }

In this life you can hunt or be hunted. You can either be a sheep or a wolf.

Choice is yours.

I am a 22 year old male who wishes not to be perfect yet to be near to that step where everyone can not appraise yet appreciate me. Sometimes the decision you prefer can actually change the angle of the ground you stand on.

” A hunter must stalk his prey until the hunter becomes the hunted. Then the prey becomes the predator and then the predator and the hunter fights.” 




My father being raised by a single mother and how he crawled through those hard times of his life in early age helped me understand the life perspective to some bit.

Being the eldest in my siblings, some responsibilities do come in life. Having studied for the last decade and currently finding my self swimming through my fellow age students in my university is a life threatening indeed. Its like running for you life, running for CGPA, scoring against Class Participation points and at the end of the day showing the instructor that you were attending all the lectures by actually showing some words in the paper.

Being since the early childhood, i had a firm interest in becoming aeronautical engineering but faced the truth when i could not get straight A’s in my O and A levels. Being the eldest of the siblings, i had to remove the fantasy of being into Formula One racing squad at the early age as it got to my head what loss my parents would face if they lost me.

BUT, no worries. GOT a Suzuki GSXR 600 to fulfill my wish of reaching to above average speeds. There is something about Speed that i loved since i was 8 years old.



Music was another non constant thing in my life that i fulfilled. People thought that i always lied or blobbed about how i love plating music or have any interest. Well the picture says it all and i have no objection saying that

“The less you say, the more they dig”






Studying in Lahore School Of Economics, I learned that people respect power, not honesty. Power can be of any sense. Wealth, Links, Experience or any thing which falls under this tree. Completing in so many challenges at this age being family or institution or personal private socio-life is mentally tiring for me. What can we do?

We can only keep ourselves pushing and pushing to reach our limits 🙂

BTW Even thou i consider my self as an adult yet i love video games.  They can be a good part of life and helps relax and divert your nervous system and ease it a bit.



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