A few moments

There are all kinds of blogs, and many definitions for the different types of blogs. The definition for me of a personal blog is one that tells a story, a personal story. It doesn’t matter how the story is told, by words, pictures, video, cartoons, artwork, audio, or combination of all of them. Storytelling defines a personal blog as personal.


beings life, it starts of with crying, and if followed by some laughter. Started breathing on july 17, 1994. The joys of life started depleting as i stepped in the class for o’levels. Untill then  hardships are increasing. But this is a part of life that everyone of us have to face.


For me life is a journey, everyone have to travel to find, explore, discover or invent things. some people find it difficult to pass through while other enjoy it in their own way. At the end, when the journey is finally done and has become a part of past, it doesn’t matter which path you took, how many times you had to stop, it doesn’t count how much you wanted to stop amidst and how you dealt with all the hardships,no! not at all… the world would only measure how much you are successful by how chic your apparel is and how nice your outlook feels.. but the story behind that, not many know.. so it is not fair to compare ourselves with others since we all travel different roads and we all have different situations, depending on the choices we have made throughout!!!



Author: talhaasif116

less active in socialising but more in academics

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