A little less than Ordinary.

I am Momal. Born and bred in the rich cultural heritage of Lahore. My name is of Sindhi origin meaning hope. Well, we all know jokes on that but I am an enthusiast and very positive about situations even if the luminous horizon is a bit remote to my humble vision. I have two more siblings and I’m the middle child but trust me; its no crisis situation for me. According to middle children, they feel compromised and kept on a back foot. Fortunately, I cannot relate to any of that.


I am an ordinary girl with ordinary interests – people, food, fashion, travel, interior – basically the routine beautiful things. I am a beauty follower and that does not only reside on the outer crust of tangible materials but the inner good and beauty of people and things that matter.


I have been a part of the most prestigious institutions and associated my self with the most illustrious of organisations. One of them is AIESEC, which according to many people has changed me. I made friends, had the time of my life, attended the best conferences and achieved all I could during my journey. But the change was inevitable. I met people and their multi faces, worked and understood sugarcoating, saw how a position’s power can derail a heart. However, I am thankful to the people who made my experience worth my time and effort.

I am an avid observer and the most important thing I have learnt till now is the art of standing on the ground between letting go and holding on. To let go of all those who bore doubt in your subconscious and hold on to those who inspire and bring out the best of you.


Author: momal3

An enthusiastic and globe trotter. Learing stories and admiring lives that may impact many. Experiencing cultures, foods and individualism. Grab everything that comes your way, spread positivity and embrace change. Because change is the only constant thing.

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