A new me, everyday



This life is like a movie with a new beginning everyday and a climax that changes everything. Do you honestly think what you are today is exactly the same person you were yesterday?

I’m just your average 21 year old who’s studies in LSE like the rest of the 500+ students, but what makes me and everyone else different from one an another are the experiences and lessons we’ve learnt in life.

I was born in Lahore (Shadbagh) and like almost every Pakistani I also lived in a joint  family, which consisted of five of my chachus and their families. In every joint family system you’re always taught to listen to your elders and learn from the lessons they’ve learned in life, so was I. To be honest if you’re sitting at the dining table and your chachu is giving you and everyone else around you a lecture on life then you might as well listen, you never know, you might learn something good out of it. As a kid I always paid close attention to what they had to say. You should try it too, you might learn a thing or two. My father always used to say, ”It’s better to observe and learn from the experiences of your elders rather then ending up in the same situation”.


I’m going to be very honest I never saw myself as an animal lover. I was always the sort that used to stay as far away from an animal of any kind. All of that changed the day I brought Dover home ( my pet dog ) . You see, about two years ago I got robbed at gun point, the snatching happened right outside my house, so from that day forward I decide to keep a dog for security purposes, since all of us can’t afford that hi-fi security systems. In the beginning I thought how bad could keeping a dog be? What’s so hard in that? Well, it’s actually quite difficult, it’s like taking care of a baby! A month or two later I got the hang of it and I actually started to like him. The excitement on his face whenever I came home or whenever I took him out for a walk was priceless. He’s like a best friend, but he’s with you 24/7. Now I’m a proud owner of two pets and all the mess in my front yard.

I believe that travelling is the best source of knowledge a person can gain, but what’s even more interesting is having a friend that belongs from another place and trust me that is the knowledge you cannot get even by visiting those places. Last month i went on a road trip and there i talked to people from DI. Khan, Sialkot, Faisalabad etc. And when i was coming back, not only did I have information about Murree but also about those places which I haven’t even visited yet.


You must be thinking why the title to my kid is so dramatic, well, what I’m about to share will help you.

I’ve been driving for the past 6-7 years now and to be honest like every other person I considered myself as a pretty good driver. Before coming to LSE many seniors warned me about the phase 6 road and the accidents that have happened on this road, some of them even called this as the “deadly road”, but i never took it seriously and instead i blamed the drivers for be “amateurs’. On 1st April, 2015 i was going back home after my class. The road was empty so i decided to speed up a little. I was going at 140 and suddenly the truck in front of me stopped. Within 2 seconds i literally saw my life flashing before my eyes. I had never felt so helpless, I had only 2 options, either to hit the truck 50 meters far from me or to try my luck however i could, i chose the second option. The only thing which came in my mind was to turn the steering wheel and that is exactly what i did. The next thing i remember is waking up at the hospital with all my family around me.


Ever since that day, I’ve always tried to listen to people and make an effort to improve myself every single day.



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