About ME

I belong to Sindh but people think I am from Lahore as I have been living here since I was 3.I did A levels from Beacon House Defence Campus;the red building of my campus was like my second home as from class 1 till A levels i have been there from the start of the day till the end of day.I didn’t have any of my relatives in Lahore but still my friends never let me feel like I was alone.


Currently I am doing my BBA from the Lahore School Of Economics and the people here are also very friendly. This makes me feel that in wherever in the world a person goes,people are same until and unless you are good with them.With studies I am doing business in order to promote my studies and till now my business is good as I keep my word till the end.


If you’re representing yourself with confidence,you can pull off pretty much anything.”

Apart from business talks,I am a friendly person who wants to achieve success along with happiness in life.What irritates me is the cast system that has divided the people in our society.Long business talks and innovative ideas captures my attention.

Only those who care about you can hear you when you’re quiet.



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