life and Myself

Life, what is life? Life is a time an individual spends from his birth to death in this world. Life is beautiful thing but it’s not easy, it has many problems. Life is not easy for everyone .Happiness, sorrow, success, defeat, day and night are two sides in life. Struggle, Suffering and failure are part of life and everyone experiences these things. Life is not like a smooth road it has big obstacles in it and those who pass those obstacles are the ones who are successful. There is no gain in life without any pain. Life has a limit and everyone’s limit is different so it’s up to us how we pass our life. Life is just like world’s stage where we actually come play our part and then depart. Then the next players come play their part, depart and the cycle goes on.

Life for me has been a bit different from those around me but I have learned a lot from experiences. I am going to proceed by giving highlights of my life.My name is Saad Umrao. My schooling started at the age of 3 from kids kampus  ,then i  did my O and A levels from Sicas  .  After completing A- levels i joined Lahore school of economics in 2014.


Through Out my school years  i was very good at sports so i used to take part in my school competitions. One of my favorite sports was swimming it was one of my passion and i  excelled in this area as i  got selected in Punjab swimming team and have  won several club competition  and provincial level medals .Swimming is still one of my biggest passion in life but unfortunately because of academics i was not able to continue it and was unable to achieve one of my goals in life which was to represent Pakistan in Olympics.


Things which i almost regularly do in life or you can consider it as hobbies, Which are that i like to watch movies, a  chunk of my life has been wasted in watching movies . Apart from movies one of the productive things which i do in life is that i almost regularly go to the gym. As life is unpredictable so i think that a person should make his or her life more happening ,I make my life more happening by spending more time with friends ,family and by travelling. Another kind of activity which i love is travelling i like to travel a lot , me and my friends almost every year go to northern areas of Pakistan and visit different places. Travelling increases your exposure and introduces one to different  cultures . Travelling refreshes your mind,  also helps in  making friends all over the world ,hence increases  knowledge and reduces stress.


Life is one of the most unpredictable thing as you never know when it will end and you are not sure what is going to take place in your life. Every one has a plan in life but everyone does not lives his life in accordance the plan which he has made for himself. Life has its own plan. There are somethings which are meant to happen in life and there are something which are not meant to happen in ones life. Life is a jigsaw puzzle,it consists of both bitter and sweet memories but at the end all that  counts is that what you learn from them and whether you overcome them or get stuck with them.


Author: raosaad17

A hard working multi talented person. An all arounder good in both academics and sports. A very good swimmer won many punjab level competition. Currently doing BBA from lse.

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