Getting to know me

Defining myself has always been difficult for me, as Im not good at expressing myself. I like change and I have always made sure that things around me keep on changing. This includes my behaviour, people, my hobbies and my obsessions. However, there are a few things that have been consistent in my life. It is actually hard for me to point out when these things became a part of my life. My constants are my bestfriends, my music and my love for food and coke My life is genuinely incomplete without them.
I joined LACAS in 2009, leaving behind my friends from my previous school was the toughest thing that I had ever done. I had never imagined that I would meet the people who will have such a great impact on my life. For the first time I came to know about true friendship. The feeling of when you know that something will actually last a lifetime is actually the best feeling in the world. When you know no matter what you do, someone will have your back and they will stand against anyone who tries to hurt you. When the same people exist in your crazy stories. I won’t lie, all these years together have not been ‘butterflies and marshmallows’ but in the end we all know that there is no one but us. My bestfriends; Ayesha Khadija Duaa and Amal are my life. 
I have always had a hard time understanding myself and music has played a huge part in making me understand myself. At the end of the day when no one or nothing was able to fix me, music played it’s part and it has brought me back from the a very low phase. Sometimes Im surprised how music is able to change my mood within minutes. 
Food is another thing that keeps me going in life. Having food has become a hobby more than a necessity. I believe having food is the best past time. img_2184

Here is the link of my Instagram profile, I like trying out new kind of foods and posting their pictures, in case you’re interested in seeing them.


Author: mahnoorazhar20

Music is my life ✌🏿️

6 thoughts on “Getting to know me”

    1. I know music has played a major role in helping you identify yoursef as a person, but I believe there is so much more that is still unexplored, and only time will unveil them gradually.


  1. I am actually glad that the person I just read about is my best friend. Especially that Bon Jovi picture, brought tears to my eyes, what great memories we have had, rememeber while passing through Airport road tunnel we used to stand straight up in Amal’s convertable ferrari, raise our arms and sing It’s My Life. It was actually great to read this, love you!


  2. Its great to see how even despite all the changes in your life you still have a few important constants that define you. Love this!!


  3. I just loved reading this. I am happy about how you have the bestest of friends who you can count on no matter what. Anybody can find music and I am sure food makes everybody happy but its a rare thing to find a true friends. 😊


  4. There is one more thing that you forgot to write about in this blog. The one more ‘constant’ you have in your life. Even though I hate to be the one to point it out as Im totally against it. You forgot to write about coke. The one thing you aim is the love of your life.


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