That’s Ahmad Khakwani for You

Watching some of the greatest footballers of all time play some of the best games of their lives is something I live for. When Messi became the youngest ever to score one of the best goals of his career back in 2005, I became not only a fan, but an admirer of the game. The technique, the tactics, the dedication, determination made me realize, it’s more than just a player kicking a ball in the net.


The dream is to be in the stands, cheering my favorite player in one of the biggest stadiums in the world in shape of ‘Camp Nou’ known to be the home of football. Being a Messi fan, I admire Barcelona but ever since I watched my first match with my elder brother in 2008, I started considering myself a fan of Arsenal. It’s a love-hate relationship with that team, you win some, you lose some and supporting them definitely made me realize what this phrase means to an individual. But definitely one of the best moments of my life was watching Arsenal live in 2008, when we lost 1-3 but to be in that great stadium in the north of London was a feeling I will never forget. Losing my voice for a week was definitely worth it.

10679729_10204381590374205_1634767218526244684_oAnother favorite sport of mine is cricket. Hitting the ball as clean as whistle and middling it is one of the best feelings there is. Sports in general is something for that gives happiness and soothes your mind. I regard myself as definitely one of the biggest sport fanatics there is it was for me I would play every sport.

Apart from sports I really enjoy traveling because for me, travelling is the best sort of exposure one can get. I’ve been blessed enough to have visited over ten countries and some of these places include Chicago being my all time favorite, then London, New York, Canada just to name a few. I feel the difference is in the personality and it is a positive one.

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Having spent all my life in Aitchison, I had the pleasure of meeting some of the best and closest friends and people I know till date. They shaped who I am today and for that I can never thank them enough. They gave me company, laughter, joy, memories, something amazing to look back upon. It is a time where I would relive over and over again if I could.

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 10.58.24 PM

Pink Floyd. Guns N Roses. U2. Aerosmith. Classic rock is what I am passionate about. This type of music is what keeps me going on a lazy day and uplifts me. The beat, the lyrics, the way the vocals are sung are nothing sort of magic produced by the bands. I have an interest in singing and if I ever imagine myself singing, the songs by these bands are the ones I aspire to sing.

Footballer. Cricketer. Traveler. Friend. Music Fanatic. That’s Ahmad Khakwani for you.


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