Lahori with a Food obsession

Growing up in a city like Lahore,it is hard not to love food.Especially in a family like mine where going out to eat was always a grand affair.This then led to my appreciation for fine dining and thankfully there is an abundance of places in Lahore to indulge me.So for me the experience of fine dining is not just related to food,it is the chance to unwind after a long day,a celebration,luxury and much more.IMG-20170410-WA0004.jpg

Over the time I have developed a directory in terms of the restaurants and my favorite dishes there to accommodate all of my moods and cravings.There is a place and dish for all occasions and purposes.If i want to celebrate a success then Pakistani cuisine is what i seek and if i am upset then Chinese food will do the trick.Some may think that i think too much about food but the fact is that who doesn’t? You would be lying if you said that Lahori isn’t bothered much by what he/she is given to eat.

I think it all starts from the ‘Dawats’ that we indulge in at our own homes.Where the amount of homemade dishes  is thought to be equivalent to the love and importance to the host family attributes to you.Food has always been an integral part of our culture.No meeting is complete without food.IMG-20170410-WA0006

I do not think that there is even a single Lahori who has not indulged in a breakfast so lavish and calorie laden that they did not want to go back to sleep for the next three hours again.Such is the case with me.Food has always been a part of my household and  thus,my life too.There is at least one gathering a month where the entire family gathers for breakfast.

So it is no surprise that i too developed a special taste for finer things in life and lets admit it,nothing is finer than food! 


18 thoughts on “Lahori with a Food obsession”

  1. Food is definitely a part of the culture of Lahore and I’m a big foodie so I think this article is spot on! It’s making me hungry again


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