My Ordinary Self

Growing up, I am a person who always wanted to be something who radiates positivity. Unlike most people my age, I try to look at the best in situations, people, and even places. Speaking of places, I love to travel. I love to explore different places and so by far, I have managed to have been to a handful of countries.

The first 14 years of my life were mostly spent at my school, Aitchison College. At school, I learnt, what was the usual, from books but due to an in-born talent for cricket inherited from my father, it was in O Levels where I was first aquatinted with a bat and ball. Other peers and friends of mine saw themselves excelling in debates, events, social work and academics; but my favourite learning environment was the brown piece of patch in a large ground which everyone calls the “pitch.”
I have represented my school team in several inter school competitions which is something I take great pride in. Since my interest developed, I have undertaken cricket as a sport in every possible institution. Currently, while studying at the Lahore School of Economics, I am a part of the cricket team and that is probably the best part of the day, week, month for me; when I’m allowed to swing the bat to score a boundary or stop the ball from reaching.

Since I wouldn’t want to bore you further with my talk about cricket because I can go on and on to express my passion, but I’d like to take some time to talk about my travelling experiences. Exploring Pakistan is something I have thoroughly enjoyed and that too with my friends. With my friends at LSE, we have had countless trips to explore the unseen side of the country.


27 thoughts on “My Ordinary Self”

  1. Keep up the good work! May your passion for travel and cricket lead you to your success. Because when your passion becomes your profession you are bound to be successful. Best wishes.
    (You reminded me of my writing style and days as a writer)


  2. Very refreshing writing. Great attitude and direction. Would love to read more about your future travel adventures and of course cricket. All the best.


  3. For a young man like you to have such a positive approach towards life is a great asset . Wishing you all the best in your future life with greater success pursuing your passion and travel adventures.. . Keep it up.


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