Sports Enthusiast

Born in Murree but raised all across Pakistan from Quetta to Sialkot to Pindi to Lahore, I am an army brat and so I have travelled everywhere in the country. Changed schools every time I shifted, I’ve made many friends and got to know many people which helped me gain experience about people and how the world functions. But at the end of the day, I’m part of the Army Public School alumni now enrolled in Lahore School of Economics.

As far as I can remember I always had interest in sports, you name it. Call me a sports enthusiast Football, cricket, hockey, tennis, table tennis, swimming and riding. I’ve played them all and with passion.FB_IMG_1491810977467

Football has been my favorite since 2003. I started watching football because of my elder brother, who has been my inspiration in more than one way. We were football maniacs staying up together to watch European matches. I remember we used watch ESPN Sports Center because it had all the news about sports and I had immense interest in that world.
I’ve been a part of Askari Strikers Football Club and FC Demolition since 2009.


I can proudly say that I’m a good online gamer. From watching online matches to learning new strategies and playing 15-16 hours a day consecutively I’ve been playing Dota from 2010 and I can proudly call myself a professional Dota player.FB_IMG_1491811095644.jpg

From the start Joining Pakistan Army was my biggest dream but Allah had planned something else for me. I came to LSE after I was found  medically unfit for army. That was a big shock, it was hard getting used to a new environment but everything turned out well and I settled well here in LSE, got to know new people and made many new friends. As soon as I got here I joined a football club here in LSE too.IMG-20151214-WA0002

I think I encompass everything I have come across be it interests or the places I have travelled to. Sports, gaming, movies, music etc. but it all depends on my mood. I’ve watched thousands of movies and TV shows. A big fan of Robert Di Nero and Sean Penn. Music From rock to pop to metal to rap I listen to it all and I think one should be like this, diverse.  To know about everything, to try everything


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