That’s me..


My name is Noor un nisa khan and i’m a junior at Lahore School Of Economics. Over these two and a half years I’ve learn a lot about life, people and everything as a whole. I’m better able to interpret things around me, go more in depth and understand them in their truest forms. Before coming to LSE I was a little reserved and I wasn’t quiet open in terms of expressing my feelings or thoughts, instead of joining in discussions I always observed. Observing isn’t necessarily a bad thing although it does sometimes look like you’re judging when you’re not. Observation has helped me understand things and people more clearly with in-depth understanding.

         The love for arts got instilled in me at an early age. I feel free to express myself through drawing pictures, it also helps me channel my inner anger in a much more positive way. Initially my leaning was toward National College OF Arts , i wanted to pursue my career in Fine Arts but due to some technicalities i had to forgo that decision. That doesn’t stop me from painting or learning new and different things about Art. I believe Art isn’t just an expression its something that can mold and heal broken souls, something that brings joy to those that other things can’t.


Now if we talk about sports. I’ve been sporty since an early age i indulged in all kinds of sports activities, be it football, swimming, basketball, cricket you name it and I’ve played it. As i was raised among  boys i adopted many of  their traits and turned into what a society would term it as ” A TOMBOY”.So being the only girl in the family they taught me how to throw punches for self defense, and some kick boxing to make boys cry (ha ha kidding). i  have even played rugby even though i was small back then but i still like to think i was pretty good at it. Yeah ! little me just running around here and there with a rugby ball not knowing what to do but wanting  to try (score) real bad so i could just shout TOUCH DOWN!!. now lets get to the real talk, sports has helped me immensely in many cases, it has helped me in connecting with people at a greater depth, team work, discipline and a lot more. It has taught me to never give up and keep moving forward, despite the setbacks, to believe in yourself that you can achieve anything and everything if you set your mind and body in the right direction the right way.

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I love Love animals. They’re the best living entity on planet earth. They love you selflessly except cats obviously, cats only acknowledge your existence when they wan’t food or feel loved. I’ve kept many pets over the years, and with each i had a new experience and learned new things. Keeping an animals helps reduce stress, they always keep me happy and in a cheerful mood where as some just make things more complicated for you as if your life isn’t enough wrecked.

There are is a lot  more of me to come. but for now i guess this much enlightenment  would suffice. A little insight to who i really am. I’m not perfect , i’m flawed and i try to become a better person with each passing day. I am a lot more then what meets the eye, i take up some space and time to open up and show who i really am but only to those whom i know i can trust blindly and know that they won’t ever judge me.

adios amigos!


Author: noorie533

An avid learner, holds strong passion for Arts and baking. stays vocal about all the economic issues and social stigmas. still learning the art of holding on and letting go. embraces change and spreads positivity. stays realist as well as keeps hope alive.

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