The modern day Myself essay.

Ten lines tomorrow: I’ve been too proud and fond of my memory. The grey diary, which had a shade just shy of black, still dwells in some corner of my mind. I remember my English instructor, Miss Zahida, had a lot of interest in giving us assignments. Those “assignments”, however, were only limited to a 10 sentence essay on myself. That mandatory essay would seem pretty easy at that time and I had crammed it In the most professional manner possible. Miss zahida was either too casual or she had no interest in teaching profession. Wonder what might have happened to her.

Okay so here it goes!

Firstly, BEAR WITH ME! I’d refrain from starting myessay” with the clichéd introduction. Obviously, if I do then it’d contradict my title, and the reader might lose interest. For some reason, I can’t let that happen. Anyways, My name is mentioned on the left side. I’ll also mention it in the end. A 22 year old student writing a blog on self introduction reflects a lot on the purpose behind writing this particular essay. As far as I can recall, and I am pretty much sure that you will agree as well that self evaluation is one hell of a tough task. Like I mentioned earlier, there’s a difference in cramming a 10 sentence essay and explaining those particular lines after years.

This is something that I have to get off of my chest (purely intended to connect you emotionally). My mind is constantly dragging me to a depressed corner as to what I should mention and what not to. I am sure that none of you would be interested to know my academic background and neither am I willing to share. Olevels, Alevels, University. Nothing special, Nothing new. Same old stories that a normal, average,student suffers. I have no extra ordinary talent. All I have to myself are hobbies like the lot of you do. The only difference perhaps is that I turn my hobbies into my passions. They’re not an instrument or a tool that I’d use to circulate the second needle on a watch. I have tried to make use of it and trust me when I say this, I HAVE FAILED MISERABLY. But it still brings a smile to my face,s o I guess that is all we search for, right?


Speaking about passion oriented hobbies, I am a huge fan of music. The line of difference that might divide you and I is that I love doing music as much as I love listening to it. They say that Music creates friends. Possibly, I have been a victim of the alternate and parallel theory. My musical talent and offerings were discovered by my best friend for which I am thankful, Akmal. I never knew that I had such a beautiful voice (minus the sarcasm) and it could be put to such beneficial use. However, I haven’t been able to produce much benefit but I am sure that you understand. I am a vocalist here at the Lahore School and have been part of a world famous band, in Multan. Here’s a link to my band Naqsh:

This brings me to the point where I should mention that I am a proud multani. Yes, I’d definitely help you get your box of the famous sohan halwa.

So, I recorded a song back in Olevels and uploaded it on soundcloud. For those of who might actually want to judge me after all the bragging I have done, here’s a link for you below:


Travelling, like many of you dream about, is one of my biggest dreams and I have achieved as much as I have dreamed of. A generalized opinon is generated that going beyond the borders is the only travelling worth of. Trust me, I have met such stupid people. Personally, I believe that our country is enriched with immense beauty and travelling from Gawadar to Khunjrab is a must for anyone who proclaims to be a Pakistani. My advice to you is to stop planning before you go out to travel. This is only limited as far as the decision for the destination goes out. PLEASE PACK YOUR STUFF WISELY. Khali hath na chal parrna.

18035036_10212747469783892_1522446703_n (1)

These two would qualify as to what I refer to as my passionate hobbies and I hope that I have done justice to the both of them. If you personally know me, you’d be thinking about how much of a liar I am. As soon as I graduate, I am going to start off my practical life continuing the family business. Not being a very photogenic person and somewhere, I have accepted the fact that my persona doesn’t suit the eye of the camera as well. I loathe taking selfies and the reason mentioned should abstain you from asking questions about it. For this very reason, The visual and graphical evidence for my essay is limited, and therefore I apologize. Not sure if I should but then again, who’s counting!? Its just a blog. I can do or say whatever I want.


Zahab Ahmad (as promised)


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I never do what I say I'll do. That's my charm ;)

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