You are what you have been through


To me life is the blend of having a good time with your friends family,as well as having a successful career

A big fan of lana Delray

Talking about Myself, a calm personality with a lot of ambition to succeed,to help needy.I like To have discussion sessions with successful people



 learning how to have it,after masters Ill have 20-25 years which is planned to work and then retire,trying to live a life of Helping the time spent with my family and friends  and talking about about ways to succeed,”MY LIFE WILL ALWAYS BE A STRUGGLE FOR THE ONE’s I LOVE”Neither i think that the country in which we live is a total Islamic democratic Federation nor it a truly western style state ,starting with my childhood,have completed younger education from beacon house west canal campus which wasn’t CO which brought my to understand and live a lifestyle which people were living,A levels i have done from Roots ivy int Flagship campus.

While in my a levels I have participated in many events help humanity,which has been extent from past couple of decades,Capitalism taking over the world leaving nothing pure in the fine earth,restaurants dispose thousands of kg of food everyday in there dustbins and yet there millions of people sleeping hungry every night.who can i blame ?.is it the civilian who stael the lamps and severage covers from roads in park?.the elected people who steal from the development fund or the constitution which was a merging of british law and shariah

well in the start i worked as a Finance directer operations in

1)bylec 12 ,Finance director

2)bfmun12 ,Finance director

3)RMUN (roots model united nations 13) ,registerations head

4)Roolympic 13 ,registrations head

when ever i see i poor children begging on the road side my anger directs to those rich class and our countries political system which has officially collapsed,i was about to end my school and get into university where best thing in my life happened when i started “humanity wall”

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The project has been a great success and has been recognized be higher officials,which lead to an expansion in the project and now MA we have a team of 500 people almost serving the country just like a famous #FIXIT.There measure have been taking in order to make the government official realize what there actual job is ,instead of riding luxury sedans


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