Army Brat

Growing up an Army kid is an experience in itself. you experience almost everything, from culture to food , unity and an air of being different from the rest referred as “civilian”. Army cantts are a closely knit community having it own unique culture, apart and separate from the mainstream .From running wild in Cantts streets to being tamed at APS, from being look aftered in CMHs to eating dinners at services messes, From attending Eid millan parties to attending boring official dinners, From swimming to horse riding, from golf clubs to cycling in cantt streets, well i’m not trying to create an allusion of a perfect life here but lets just say that there is never a dull moment in an army brats life.


Since i was a little kid it had been my dream to fill into my father’s footsteps and join pakistan army. I don’t know what it was that ignited such strong passion of being a soldier, may be it was as simple as the way it felt when ever i put on my father’s uniform, the pride, a strange sense of entitlement or maybe it was the power i seeked that comes along with it  what ever it was it burnt deep and there was no backup plan i had to get in.  But things do not always go as planed, life had a different road for me, i was rejected because i was medically unfit. I must admit i was lost for quite a while there but in the end i knew i had to pick my self up and keep going and that was exactly what i did.

In a desperate attempt to find my direction in life a new phase of this journey began when i joined LSE. Its hard for me to put my confusing yet interesting experience here so far into words maybe because im still confused about why some of the things happened that happened? But one thing that I have learnt through this whole insightful phase is that one needs to embrace change because only transition can provide you the necessary growth you need to mature both mentally and emotionally. There is still a long way to go alote more to come, alote more learn. Waiting  keenly.


If I introduce myself…

Well this is Abdul Waheed Atif a 21 years old boy who was born on the land of hospitality, Peshawar, KPK on May 20, 1996.

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I started my education from a very well-known Army Public School (APS) and feel proud to be a part of APS who fought and still fighting against terrorism by using pen as a weapon but not a gun.

Yes I am a proud to be an APSCIAN.

APSACS Peshawar

I shall rise and shine

I think self-description is not a fair task at all because no one in the world can express their own evils. So I personally think that self-description essay or blog is totally biased write-ups or at least it is a difficult task to do.

According to Nelson Mandela,

It always seems impossible until it’s done

So let’s start with a brief introduction, I am an interesting, fun loving guy. But one thing that everyone must know about me is that at first I come of as a very shy individualistic guy but once I get to know people and are comfortable with my environment I am great. It is hard for me to make friends but once I make them, it’s great and I am all different. I joke, laugh and humor people and I also get as much as I give. I am a very kind, compassionate, sensitive guy as my close friends will tell you. I have a tough shell but on the inside I am soft. I am also a very principled person and stand strong on what is right and wrong. I am also a very straight and honest person. I understand and know that we all put on a show sometimes and do not show who we really are or what we feel but some people do this constantly and those kinds of people I cannot stand.

School Life

As stated earlier, I started my school life from APS Peshawar where I have been taught discipline, discipline and discipline. This is the reason that discipline is really important factor in my life from very beginning. Life at APS was awesome because being a child, I was not worried about anything happening in my life. The only thing difficult or horrible for me was to show-up good grades in exams and assessments. Otherwise life in the surrounding of cricket, hockey, friends, cousins and family was going good.

I studied in Peshawar till my sixth standard and then because of my father’s job I shifted to Faisalabad and continued my schooling at Faisalabad Grammar School, FGS. Faisalabad was quite different place for me because the trends, tradition and even somehow the culture was totally different from Peshawar. It was very difficult period of my life when everyone teased me just because of my different accent. But with the passage of time I adjusted myself in the environment and people of Faisalabad and now everything is going smoothly. This migration helped me to learn an additional language, Punjabi and now I can proudly say that I am a multilingual person.


After GOD, everything for me is my family which include my father, mother, sisters and my beloved younger brother. For me my father is my whole world. My father is a hardworking person who works in a private firm to provide us the best. There is no doubt that my father is a role model for me. I always copy him and also want to become just like him.


He is the one who didn’t buy branded clothes, shoes or perfume & lived simple life just to pay your expense. He is none other than your FATHER.


As mentioned earlier it is hard for me to make friends but once I make them, it’s great and I am all different. From the very beginning of my life I have been taught to be loyal towards everyone, both it includes your friend or your enemy and it is not only taught to me but to every next child of Pashtoon family. That’s why Pathan are consider one of the loyal tribe or cast of world. My friend circle is not so big but in beside this I have some good, loyal and caring friends in my friend list. I love to enjoy my life with my friends and also love to spend some quality time with them. The best thing is that I never forget or replace my old friends with new ones and that’s why I am still in touch with my friends of kindergarten or 1st standard.

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When you have some good people around you.
Presence of some special people make your world more beautiful


Speaking about hobbies, I love traveling and sports, particularly cricket & hockey. I love to discover new places and up till now I have visited almost every northern part of Pakistan. But still I think I have much more to discover and I will definitely go for it.

World is like a book and those who don’t travel read only pages

My second Hobby is to play cricket and I think I am a good cricketer. I am playing cricket since my childhood and I have represented my school team in several competitions. Similarly recently I am playing cricket for my hostel as a bowler. You can find our teams on Facebook through the following links.


LSE Stallions

Similarly hockey is also my love and I believe that this all has been transferred from my father to me as my father represented Hyderabad District hockey team and also represented Sindh university Cricket team.

Pace battery of Team Zero

What I Want to Achieve

Well I don’t want to achieve too much in my life. I just want to achieve is a well-balanced life with full faith in GOD and a strength of being loyal toward my ALLAH and every other person associated with me. I want to payback my parents as they are investing today on me in the form of prayers, finance and love.

Who am I ? 

Well, I’m obviously not Batman!

I’m a perfectly normal 20-something male with a perfectly abnormal fascination with food,  I’m a business student by day and I usually spent my nights either reading or making up plans for social initiatives

I’m a simple guy with a larger than average passion for social activism.

I don’t recall exactly where or when I got this passion, but as with many things in life, including my dashing good looks (cough!), I blame my father. My father is an educationist and a sports promoter. I used to watch him with great fascination growing up, and I’m sure I somehow along the way applied my own geeky mindset and obsessive personality to his inspiration and teaching, and somewhere along the way, it just spiraled out of control.

My background is from Sialkot

It is not a big city but it is known because of its great people. This makes me delighted that firms in sialkot produce best sports and surgical equipment. Not only this we have our own private international airport with an airline.   Entrepreneurs have brought good name to the city and also the social workers have been known for their immense contributions towards the needy. with all this we Sialkotians have great patriotism in them and we celebrate our national days and events with great zeal and passion.

as long as i can remember i spend my summers organizing charity sports tournaments, relief projects and debating at events, i believe that education and social work isn’t just a superpower but also a responsibility, to pass it on to those who cannot afford it. I envision a society where there will be no barriers for the youth to get education and play sports.

I believe that our country needs the contribution of its youth the most now and that it is time to become a patriot. Today we need the same passion and ideology which Iqbal and Jinnah had for the movement of a sovereign state Pakistan.

I painted my world like a dancing butterfly.

I have grown up from being the naughtiest daughter to the most quiet one and phasing out of it to be the one who loves taking risks and adventures in life


My story begins from the cold winters of November 11th 1994, born a daughter to the happiest parents and an elder sister of 5 years old girl.

From a very young age I have found myself to be fascinated by our surroundings and how difficult problems have a simple solution which we may refer to as reductionist. Entering my adolescence I was taught by my parents and teachers that nothing is impossible to achieve and that where my journey to discover this idea of simple explanations to complex problem really started. As mentioned before from being the craziest one to being the most sophisticated sister among the four of us did carry a series of events.

In my childhood I was the naughtiest amongst my family.ive done all the crazy things with my age fellow cousins .I’ve grown from doing cartwheels on the sofa to climbing tress with him. My childhood was very immature yet charming those were the times when I believed that Red Riding hood really exists and Snow white lives with seven dwarfs.

I have grown up with these fantasies and in my teens I realized that life is a beautiful lie. As I was growing I felt the empathy for the poor, for the inferior saw how people, our surroundings soon tend to smash those who are weaker to them. In my teens i faced certain events in which I was considered weak for not raising my voice or for being humble and innocent. But the way my parents strengthened me and gave me the courage to believe in myself was unbelievable.

My father always considered me to me the responsible one and I was more of a daddys girl. He pampered me with all the luxuries, in order to break my fear he made me learn new ways of seeking life.

I have done all sorts of adventures with my father. From learning how to swim as an 8-year-old girl who ccould’nt even touch the pool floor. He has taken me to the scariest rollercoaster rides. He made me a stronger girl who could believe in her self. And today I do believe in myself.

This is taken in Alton Towers in 2012.its a most memorable rollercoaster ride with my father

I have always felt proud to be known as a grammarian as I have spent the best 13 years of my life in Lahore Grammar School 1A1 .It was my second home. There I learned to be a hardworking girl as my goals were defined and I was determined. Life in school was not only limited to achieving aims in life but much more. Being a part of a group of four we have made some beautiful memories together. After scoring straight A’s in o levels and getting a 100% scholarship in A ‘levels, I became more confident about myself and desired to do much more which also helped become a council member in the year 2014’.

I got ambitious to do something extra ordinary. Therefore I opted for a summer course in Cambridge University and that was the time of my life. I had a wonderful experience as I came across people from different was a completely different platform .in just 3 weeks I felt like a completely altered girl who had a bunch of reminiscences in life . In Cambridge I made like a gazillion friends, I learnt doing laundry, managing time rushing to class. I figured out new sports and I was in a zeal to learn more and more and this I became skilled at punting , Scottish dance, bowling and even charity raising .it was a onetime experience in my life which tuned me into a girl I am today .

this a link to Reach Cambridge where i went for summer school is economics and business management

Wraping up I’d like to say that life is not always going to shine high and bright but ive learnt that, that’s what makes it even more special , the ups and lows have to come hand in hand and its important to relish both of them.

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