Army Brat

Growing up an Army kid is an experience in itself. you experience almost everything, from culture to food , unity and an air of being different from the rest referred as “civilian”. Army cantts are a closely knit community having it own unique culture, apart and separate from the mainstream .From running wild in Cantts streets to being tamed at APS, from being look aftered in CMHs to eating dinners at services messes, From attending Eid millan parties to attending boring official dinners, From swimming to horse riding, from golf clubs to cycling in cantt streets, well i’m not trying to create an allusion of a perfect life here but lets just say that there is never a dull moment in an army brats life.


Since i was a little kid it had been my dream to fill into my father’s footsteps and join pakistan army. I don’t know what it was that ignited such strong passion of being a soldier, may be it was as simple as the way it felt when ever i put on my father’s uniform, the pride, a strange sense of entitlement or maybe it was the power i seeked that comes along with it  what ever it was it burnt deep and there was no backup plan i had to get in.  But things do not always go as planed, life had a different road for me, i was rejected because i was medically unfit. I must admit i was lost for quite a while there but in the end i knew i had to pick my self up and keep going and that was exactly what i did.

In a desperate attempt to find my direction in life a new phase of this journey began when i joined LSE. Its hard for me to put my confusing yet interesting experience here so far into words maybe because im still confused about why some of the things happened that happened? But one thing that I have learnt through this whole insightful phase is that one needs to embrace change because only transition can provide you the necessary growth you need to mature both mentally and emotionally. There is still a long way to go alote more to come, alote more learn. Waiting  keenly.


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