I painted my world like a dancing butterfly.

I have grown up from being the naughtiest daughter to the most quiet one and phasing out of it to be the one who loves taking risks and adventures in life



My story begins from the cold winters of November 11th 1994, born a daughter to the happiest parents and an elder sister of 5 years old girl.

From a very young age I have found myself to be fascinated by our surroundings and how difficult problems have a simple solution which we may refer to as reductionist. Entering my adolescence I was taught by my parents and teachers that nothing is impossible to achieve and that where my journey to discover this idea of simple explanations to complex problem really started. As mentioned before from being the craziest one to being the most sophisticated sister among the four of us did carry a series of events.

In my childhood I was the naughtiest amongst my family.ive done all the crazy things with my age fellow cousins .I’ve grown from doing cartwheels on the sofa to climbing tress with him. My childhood was very immature yet charming those were the times when I believed that Red Riding hood really exists and Snow white lives with seven dwarfs.

I have grown up with these fantasies and in my teens I realized that life is a beautiful lie. As I was growing I felt the empathy for the poor, for the inferior saw how people, our surroundings soon tend to smash those who are weaker to them. In my teens i faced certain events in which I was considered weak for not raising my voice or for being humble and innocent. But the way my parents strengthened me and gave me the courage to believe in myself was unbelievable.

My father always considered me to me the responsible one and I was more of a daddys girl. He pampered me with all the luxuries, in order to break my fear he made me learn new ways of seeking life.

I have done all sorts of adventures with my father. From learning how to swim as an 8-year-old girl who ccould’nt even touch the pool floor. He has taken me to the scariest rollercoaster rides. He made me a stronger girl who could believe in her self. And today I do believe in myself.

This is taken in Alton Towers in 2012.its a most memorable rollercoaster ride with my father

I have always felt proud to be known as a grammarian as I have spent the best 13 years of my life in Lahore Grammar School 1A1 .It was my second home. There I learned to be a hardworking girl as my goals were defined and I was determined. Life in school was not only limited to achieving aims in life but much more. Being a part of a group of four we have made some beautiful memories together. After scoring straight A’s in o levels and getting a 100% scholarship in A ‘levels, I became more confident about myself and desired to do much more which also helped become a council member in the year 2014’.

I got ambitious to do something extra ordinary. Therefore I opted for a summer course in Cambridge University and that was the time of my life. I had a wonderful experience as I came across people from different counteries.it was a completely different platform .in just 3 weeks I felt like a completely altered girl who had a bunch of reminiscences in life . In Cambridge I made like a gazillion friends, I learnt doing laundry, managing time rushing to class. I figured out new sports and I was in a zeal to learn more and more and this I became skilled at punting , Scottish dance, bowling and even charity raising .it was a onetime experience in my life which tuned me into a girl I am today .

this a link to Reach Cambridge where i went for summer school is economics and business management

Wraping up I’d like to say that life is not always going to shine high and bright but ive learnt that, that’s what makes it even more special , the ups and lows have to come hand in hand and its important to relish both of them.

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Author: aemanimran

I have grown up from being the naughtiest daughter to the most quiet one and phasing out of it to be the one who loves taking risks and adventures in life

2 thoughts on “I painted my world like a dancing butterfly.”

  1. This blog is an inspiration Aeman! It motivated me to seek more in life and you can always achieve your goal once you aim it while putting little efforts and recognising yourself as a winner.

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  2. Woww!! Your life proves that nothing is impossible. If you wish to achieve something and you work hard for it, not today but tomorrow you will going surely achieve it. Your blog is simply a inspiration for those who are still lacking with self belief and Motivation in their life. One can simply learn different lessons. Thumbs up 👍 it’s beautifully written!!

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