Who am I ? 

Well, I’m obviously not Batman!

I’m a perfectly normal 20-something male with a perfectly abnormal fascination with food,  I’m a business student by day and I usually spent my nights either reading or making up plans for social initiatives

I’m a simple guy with a larger than average passion for social activism.

I don’t recall exactly where or when I got this passion, but as with many things in life, including my dashing good looks (cough!), I blame my father. My father is an educationist and a sports promoter. I used to watch him with great fascination growing up, and I’m sure I somehow along the way applied my own geeky mindset and obsessive personality to his inspiration and teaching, and somewhere along the way, it just spiraled out of control.

My background is from Sialkot

It is not a big city but it is known because of its great people. This makes me delighted that firms in sialkot produce best sports and surgical equipment. Not only this we have our own private international airport with an airline.   Entrepreneurs have brought good name to the city and also the social workers have been known for their immense contributions towards the needy. with all this we Sialkotians have great patriotism in them and we celebrate our national days and events with great zeal and passion.


as long as i can remember i spend my summers organizing charity sports tournaments, relief projects and debating at events, i believe that education and social work isn’t just a superpower but also a responsibility, to pass it on to those who cannot afford it. I envision a society where there will be no barriers for the youth to get education and play sports.

I believe that our country needs the contribution of its youth the most now and that it is time to become a patriot. Today we need the same passion and ideology which Iqbal and Jinnah had for the movement of a sovereign state Pakistan.


Author: saadkhalid19

I have great interest in journalism and photography. I have been doing social work from past 6 years. Currently doing my BBA in Marketing and media from Lse

5 thoughts on “Who am I ? ”

  1. People like you are the source of motivation for all the youth out there! It doesn’t matter in what way you help your society but what matters is that you give something back to it.

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  2. Not many people are having such an equisite productive mindsets. Everyone is busy with themselves
    It takes some extraordinary to play a role of true patriot and proving love for homeland.
    Proud of you .

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  3. You have been doing great work as your Autobiography reflects that you have been doing great with social activities which is worth appericiating such people become an inspiration and let others to come front and play there role in this tense present full of complications. Such an inspiring personality worthy enough to be appericiated my review ain’t enough to appericiate your dedication towards the social activities which is a big contribution for this country. This makes Our country strong keep it up.

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  4. you are really inspiring personality for youth who wants to serve their nation.Your efforts will pay back in the form of better society.keep it up man👍

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