Painted Walls

Red soul

I once saw this woman in a portrait who was wearing this black silk dress and had this thin glass of wine in her hand, she was everything graceful and beautiful and just looking at her I knew that’s what I want to do, I want to paint beautiful women. In hues of white black and red. Colors of empowerment , colors shouting out the strength and courage which are a large part of every woman , she just needs to delve inside her just a little, she’s the man of her own life , what navigates her is herself . She knows this too except she’s just a little reluctant.

I’m like any other twenty two year old experiencing the new practical world around her some like living with the mindset of a realistic its different for me I like to believe in creativity and a better world then it already is. In art I’ve found the experience to be free literally free, all those colors those mixtures of shades make me so much more certain of myself. When someone said art is a great escape they were not lying. When life gets hard and unpredictable I escape to the one place that calms me that’s my painting room.

I like to write too ,when I was younger I used to narrate stories to those younger than me I still do that, I think with writing we can combine realism and imagination they make these both things make an exceptional combination. So I started exploring writing but I

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think the prerequisite to good writing has to be reading so I started reading as much as I could. Stories of hero`s, damsels in distress, heroines, poets.

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection”
 – Buddha

When I begun reading the thing that captured most of my interest were the stories of dervishes and how they spend there life in search of God searching from one place to another. Living life as its meant to be lived simply, free of the complexes put inside us with the power of social pressure in us.

Lastly I entirely believe in living life to fullest but all of us do it differently there’s no harm in that. Life’s really short we should try and make the most of it. Our only focus in this life is not ourselves but also those lesser privileged around us. If not a lot then we should at least a little to help and that should be mandatory in our lives.


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