On the loose


I basically belong to Sialkot, Punjab. From Montessori through my A’ levels, I studied in The City School. Currently I’m doing BBA from Lahore School of Economics. To me life is the blend of having a good time with your friends and family. I don’t have any of my relatives in Lahore but still my friends never let me feel like I am alone.


I believe that travelling is the best source of knowledge a person can gain, like seeing a new place for the very first time or returning to a favorite place. Every year I go for vacations within Pakistan or travel to foreign places.

“Travelling gets a person out of their comfort zone, away from all their normal pleasures and comforts and way of doing things.”

“The Duomo of Milan, Italy” – Italy’s largest Gothic cathedral and the third largest Church in the world. Continue reading “On the loose”