A two faceted role.

A new global phenomenon has seen to be on a rise since the advent of the social sites and increased internet access and use. Roughly the last two decades have seen a very hyper and active social media. Social media has encouraged people to voice their opinions and to express views that would have otherwise stayed in only a very close vicinity but is now spread to millions of people with the clock of a button. In my opinion,the term freedom of speech and all that it implies is now in practice more than it ever was before.

Freedom of speech is not just restricted to speech anymore.It is much more than that.It is the power to express oneself without any sort of restraint.But is that really applicable in our world?Is the idea that you express yourself without any social constraints really true? A person’s opinions and ideas are greatly influenced by the social surroundings. We are influenced and molded to think a certain way by the society we live in.The society in turn is affected by large spectrum of factors.


In my opinion freedom of speech,whether truly original or influenced can be both constructive and dangerous. The thing with true freedom is that there is no censorship of any sort there can be rise in hate speech,bias and lethal ideologies.Let’s not forget the history dictates the most dangerous people like Adolf Hitler rose to power by first passionate speeches in a pub.So i wouldn’t agree that freedom of speech is always a good thing for all parties involved.


As per this article however, Captain Muhammad Safdar, the son-in-law of Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, has called for a ban on social media on issues related to online blasphemy. This was much needed as there are hardly any laws concerning the well-being of people in Pakistan using social media. Through this law, the recent attacks being made on people’s lives and on a general level will be put to an end.

Pakistan Blasphemy

However,not all lost when it comes to freedom of speech granted to the individuals.It is paramount for people to express themselves and their ideas,opinions and even grievances. It is essential for a healthy society and ensures a sort of check and balance.For example,if a community never speaks up against injustice,or mistreatment then the world will never know.Freedom of speech without any constraint means that everyone gets to give a voice to their own agendas. In my opinion,Freedom of speech has a two faceted role.What may be freedom of speech for one may be bullying for the other.So it should never be forgotten that every right should be exerted to a certain extent.Without some sort of check there will always be chaos.03bdef43daa74cc5319540626d8fc78d


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