Freedom of Expression is a Mere Illusion.

Stop hating

Freedom of speech
Freedom Of Speech

It is a mere illusion that we have set with the idea of freedom of speech. Freedom of speech was designed to create a voice of the unheard, a voice of change, a voice of the people in order for them to express what they wanted without having the consent to be judged by others in any way possible. But as time passed the freedom of speech became a little too repugnant. NVogue

Having freedom all together is a huge step into a growth of a nation, of its people, and of the society. It was used only to create an awareness of the problems, and to be heard of the cruelty that the people faced.

Before the idea of social media was even born,  speech was considered a crucial part of an individual’s life. It was the expression of your thoughts built into words that could influence the minds of others. It was used as weapon to fight for there own freedom. The freedom of slaves, African-Americans, Muslims, Kingship, Dictatorship, and so on. Through this idea of freedom of speech, many of them accomplished that they were hoping for.Pakistan Cyber Laws

Racists Comments

Then came the era of social media, where thoughts, expressions, moods, feelings, and fights were explained through a simple gesture without ever having to indulge with those people in real life. This is where we lost it all. This is where the idea of freedom of speech was lost and abused by hundreds and thousands of people on an hourly basis. We became obstructive in nature with all the hatred being passed on from one social platform to another. These people that have no regard of the ethical values of another human being or, even a moral standard of communicating, decide for themselves that they should create a violent atmosphere for everyone and condemn people of even having a single point of view of their own. We have established an immoral view of creating and being violent and hateful towards others.

Some of the examples of racism.

Through the usage of social media, a trend has followed us to be an illiterate with a laptop or a mobile. Social media itself has created this opportunity for individual’s to hate, to judge, to be a racist, to create a rumor that won’t even make sense, but having the power of freedom of speech, they will abuse it. Our minds are filled with the disgusting facts that don’t even exist and we keep on replicating our views according to false thoughts and yet, we demand a higher standard of education from our parents, to study in the top ranking universities, to create an obsessive greed for money, but even though you get everything you demand, you cannot learn the most crucial and important elements of life, which are morals, ethics and principles.

We have to condemn this usage of power over others, because this is only creating more and more hatred in this world. Freedom of speech is spreading awareness about your own thoughts, whatever goes in your head, but that still does not permit us into becoming complete jerks with no regard for a moral or ethical standard of communication.

I am with the idea of Freedom of Speech, but with a set of ethical and moral values attached with the comments. Stop this Hatred towards others, Stop this Judgement being passed onto others, and Stop with the Racial Slurs that you hit upon people.

Stop the hate.

Author: Awais Sajjad

I am 21, currently studying at the Lahore School of Economics, a bit bold, obsessed with people, who likes to write, watch movies, learn about the daily struggles of life.

7 thoughts on “Freedom of Expression is a Mere Illusion.”

  1. I strongly agree. Morals values and ethics of communication should be practice by every individual. We cant just say anything hateful or disrespectful and name it freedom of speech. Unfortunately which is happening now a days quite frequently. One should use this right wisely.

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  2. Awais you have written quite well and I really respect your thoughts but the point is that social media is not responsible for whatever happening in the world, there are few groups of people who are not using it correctly. Otherwise social media was initially design to reduce the distance among the people not for bullying.

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  3. I have a different perspective. Freedom of speech is just another way of making people think that their speech would matter in society and bring change. People in-charge to this world decides what to do and what not to in their own interest. Never ending debate.
    But in normal circumstances I agree with the writer.

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  4. AUTHOR…Tehzeeb Paracha…

    I totally agree. We all have right to speak our truth & it’s important for others to have patience to listen it. Still the way we comminicate & convey our thoughts or words is very important. We all belong to new era & our society could only be flourished when we have the confidence to change it through freedom of voice. A voice not only could bring change in a nation , it can change the world . A huge change . Just do it & let people think according to their level of understanding. At least speak , speak . Mqy be your one single act could bring a remarkable change in someones life .

    Your voice can change the life of millions …

    Voice of Truth is the Voice of a True heart…

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