Freedom of Speach, Responsibility or Blessing?

I believe freedom is a blessing and everyone needs freedom. When it comes to freedom of speech, it is more of a responsibility along with blessing. In out freedom, we must always keep in mind that everyone around us are not affected by it in a negative way or they oppose our freedom.

Speech is something which can shatter the other person and leave a mark on them for the rest of their lives. We call it freedom but something that ruins a persons mindset is not a part of freedom. We don’t realise that we are intruding their privacy and calling it our freedom. Where ever we go, we see the same thing happening only because we don’t know the responsibilities of freedom, of the blessing we have.

Section N Campaign

I strongly believe that freedom of speech is a good thing when it comes to fighting for the right thing, raising voice against corruption or even supporting some other cause but we take this freedom for granted and reach that extent on which it is no longer freedom.

Making fun of people on public forums is not freedom. It’s called bullying openly and not even being punished for that, moreover not even being called a bully. That’s not freedom. Everyone has their rights and everyone has this freedom but a few of them know their limitations.

Nowadays, there’s no such thing as privacy. We may have set everything on restricted on our facebook profiles but we all know anyone can access it anywhere anytime. We as a society ignore if something wrong is done and label it as an act of “Freedom” and carry on with our regular routines but we do not realise that along with freedom, its also our duty to stop that wrong doing.

I do not negate freedom of speech, obviously if it did not exist, i wouldn’t have been writing this but we should know it’s purpose, it’s duties and the consequences as well. I would want everyone to be responsible and enjoy the blessing we have without disturbing others.


Author: daniyalrshd

A wanderer and searcher of answers. Reassured and confident, ready to face all what life throws at me. Favourite quote by Rumi: Beyond right and wrong there is a field. I'll meet you there.

2 thoughts on “Freedom of Speach, Responsibility or Blessing?”

  1. Kudos to you for taking up the issue and putting it out so well! Freedom of speech is genuinely one of the most misused phenomenon of our time and that needs to stop.

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