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For me Freedom of speech is the freedom of life, that freedom in which you express yourself openly without any limitations or boundaries. It’s the right of every single individual to speak up against the odds, whenever and wherever you feel like. Talking about myself? Yes I don’t feel caged anymore, I have my own self expression and the liberty to share it with people without any restraints. We all should raise our voices and take a stand for whatever wrong is happening around us instead of keeping quite and worrying about the consequences. United we stand, divided we fall. It’s the power that each individual possess through which one can actually work towards the promotion of a free society.

 “Give me the liberty to know, to utter, and to argue freely according to conscience, above all liberties.” 
― John MiltonAreopagitica



Social media playing the most important role as one can share, connect, convey what there opinion is regarding any aspect. It is a platform which has equal and fair opportunities for all. No doubt many people take advantage and misuse it also but for all those who genuinely want to bring a positive change in the societies they are living, IT IS THE RIGHT TRACK.So social media builds the freedom of connection to challenge the people who are being unfair, may it be the government, may it be politicians, may it be any authority that is dominating you. Taking the example of our own Pakistani in which social media  is an ever growing phenomenon and people are creating awareness through facebook, Twitter etc. Although in 2010 government banned many sites but due to unity of people all their efforts were failed. Our youth is promoting the freedom of speech by exercising it themselves through  debating  publicly and making Pakistan a better place to live.

“I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” 
― S.G. TallentyreThe Friends of Voltaire


Like every picture or story can’t be perfect , similarly there are also many flaws in this as well. When I say flaws, I am also referring to the people as well as the society and system in which we are living. Many of us are taking advantage of the facility provided to us and somewhere we are attacking and hurting many others with our harsh words. There is nothing wrong in being straightforward until and unless that person is crossing the line which these days people are using freedom of speech as a weapon. Their extreme views on sexism and racism are creating a discomfort for others. Also many people are misusing the platform just for bullying others and offend them in every possible way they can. It’s a source of targeting people and victimizing them.


So Freedom of speech has both positive and negative aspects but it depends on us how we use it and  put our words into action .


Author: Aqsa Amjad

22 years old and currently studying at Lahore School of Economics. I am adventurous , shopaholic and love trying new things in life.

20 thoughts on “Freedom Of Speech”

  1. Absolutely brilliant. This article supports what most of our society tends to ignores and to actually talk about and bring it up for discussion holds immense importance for those you want it as their right.

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  2. exceptional depiction of our society’s ignorance over freedom of speech which indeed is every individual’s right. however people can indeed misuse this freedom, ‘it depends on us how we use it and out our words into actions’ I strongly agree to this!

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  3. While freedom of speech itself is a pretty vague and debatable term, because in some societies no different than our own, freedom of speech is considered more of a taboo most of the time than just a form of expression. Of course the boundaries of how far the expression should be stretched and not offend anyone else’s beliefs, and the neutrality of the expression is important, this piece by aqsa in my opion covers these aspects very well.

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  4. Freedom of speech is one of the most common paradoxes in our society. It promises good, which is understandable, but what people ignore is the chaos that comes with it. Freedom of speech when given to the masses becomes the most lethal weapon for a society.

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  5. Like every story there’s a flip side to it, freedom of speech can result in hate speech and that can have a very detrimental spill over effect but that does not mean silencing people is okay in any scenario. Even Hate speech gives you a very clear picture in to the deeper rooted problems in society which can be a step towards remedying them. So even in its worst form it serves a purpose. We are nothing with our opinions and freedom of speech is as germane to our existence as food and water.
    Great article!

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    1. A very practical approach towards the modern day paradox that is freedom of speech. The article quite brilliantly captures the positive and negative aspects of said topic regarding our society. The reader definitely gains some food for thought.


  6. In our society every person has taken it for granted, weather its your personal issue or it is someone else’s but! There will be a person who will pass his/her comments. This is our common problem which i think Aqsa has beautifully covered in this article perhaps! “If there is a will, There is a way”. I hope people would learn something from this article.

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  7. Very well written, it has increased my knowledge of the subject and what it entails all together. It has dealt with every single point with great detail.

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  8. FOS is the basic human need, you cannot just snub someone’s view on a particular topic. But one should also be reasonable while doing it so no one gets hurt.

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  9. Freedom of speech doesn’t give you the right to suppress the voice of others with your own or free you from the consequences of those words.

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  10. Amazing thought and very well explained!it is true that freedom of speech is the key component of life in order to survive!!By limiting or denying freedom of speech and expression, we take away a lot of potential. We take away thoughts and ideas before they even have the opportunity to hatch. We build a world around negatives – you can’t say, think, or do this or that.So freedom of speech works as an oxygen source which helps us to breathe and to live our lives and it also gives us the power to b our own judge!!

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  11. Spot on. Very well said Aqsa, i fully agree with the aforementioned. No wonder why half of our societal issues persist because people are forced to keep their mouths shut. Keep going. We need this.


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