Freedom of Speech a Human Entitlement.


Every human being has the right to speak their mind and thoughts in form of speech or through actions. Without freedom of speech we have no freedom of thought and without freedom of thought we do not have ourselves. There are no set parameters that can hold one from expressing themselves. Every individual has its own voice that needs to be heard. Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression, but how to use it in a pertinent  approach is a considerable problematic issue. As they say with “with Great Power there must also come Great Responsibility” what this means is whatever you choose to say you must be prepared for the after consequences as you bear the responsibility, you may not know how your message will be received. Amidst all the political , economical issues and social stigmas one can’t help but to raise its voice, have a say in the system, or at-least  be acknowledged.

Freedom of speech can be expressed through different means of social media. In today’s Age one-to-many communication is available to anyone with an Internet connection. There are no set limits , and or systems that monitor what you say. If something offends you, in return you respond in a more offensive way to whom ever you  chose to. Not everyone one will be in favor of your speech,  not everyone can empathize. This either makes you or breaks you.


Words are all powerful, so one should refrain from  using strong negative words while getting their message across especially on sensitive social or personal issues . Where as Some have a habit of letting it all out when there’s no need, altogether  spread negativity or a create conflict just for the sake of attention. On the other hand there are some who put in much care and thought before posting anything, they examine that post from the viewers perspective, this shows that they care how others will view it, if they don’t care how it makes them feel, do they really care about them at all?


Over the years due to religious issues especially concerning ISLAM, Muslims all over the world have been labeled terrorist, and due to these unfair accusations, many Muslims raised their voice through social media against the world. To justify themselves and explain the true concept of ISLAM, and what it really teaches. Some of the speeches were so strong  that it touched hearts of many and changed the way they viewed Muslims.

freedom of speech should not include mocking of a religious figure they hold dear or a religion they practice with seriousness and sincerity. All religions have been made fun of, been the subject of criticism and satire and all of this is, in fact, legally protected. The legal philosopher Jeffrey Waldron ,in his book The Harm of Hate Speech, he argues that die hard First Amendment supporters should rethink their approach if freedom of expression is abused to take away other people’s right to security.


There has to be a balance in the freedom of speech. Many people have the tendency to manipulate without any rhyme or reason. There should be censorship that over looks the content and if its too offensive or harmful it should be taken off, its controlled by government, institutions and other groups. No one should have the audacity to take advantage of a right that has been given for a greater cause, a cause that can bring a positive change among society , a cause that can produce a social progress.


Author: noorie533

An avid learner, holds strong passion for Arts and baking. stays vocal about all the economic issues and social stigmas. still learning the art of holding on and letting go. embraces change and spreads positivity. stays realist as well as keeps hope alive.

8 thoughts on “Freedom of Speech a Human Entitlement.”

  1. Some very interesting views and a well penned article overall !However, Freedom of speech was dealt with emotion sometimes rather than being dealt with democratically .As to how I perceive, if the matter is held democratically it wouldn’t be an individual’s struggle for freedom for speech , but also an automatic decrease in the number of objectives,rules,people and organizations which hinder speech.
    Secondly if there should be a balance in the freedom of speech as a means of government interference and censorship,it could no more be known as a balance in freedom of speech or anything associated to it freedom of speech as the meaning itself states ‘freedom of speech is the power or right to express one’s opinions without censorship,restraint, or legal penalty.’
    Article somehow leaves me wondering what the middle ground would be called ‘a middle ground’?
    I guess a good idea would be for hate speech to be recognized freedom of speech to be abolished and thus a middle ground be found out, a new one.


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