Freedom of speech


Today I was asked to write about my opinion on freedom of speech. I don’t know where to begin with, because what exactly is freedom of speech?
‘The power or right to express one’s opinions without censorship, restraint, or legal penalty.’
This is the definition on Google, this is what we were taught in school, but do we really have the right to express our opinions? Whether it be on social media or in public without getting punished for it?


The country we live in has zero tolerance on freedom of speech or freedom to hold an opinion about something. Lets get one thing straight, the reason something is called an opinion is because it is rooted in what someone thinks rather than any type of fact or factual information.

A racist opinion is still an opinion. It’s a racist opinion.

A transphobic opinion is still an opinion. It is a transphobic opinion.

A homophobic opinion is still an opinion. It is a homophobic opinion.

A sexist opinion is still an opinion. It is a sexist opinion.6358625270972399071455539332_fos.jpg

Any type of bad, dirty or disgusting opinion is still an opinion because it is not factual. An opinion does not have to be true, positive, uplifting etc. in order for it to be considered as an opinion.

So basically freedom of speech is the right to have an opinion about something wheatear it be good or bad. However many people have this concept mixed up. Having freedom of speech DOES NOT mean hate speech! If you can have a bad opinion about someone and/or something then you should have the mental capacity to listen to the other person’s opinion! NO it DOES NOT give you the right to take someone’s life on the fact that they posted something on THEIR OWN social media even if you’ve labeled it as blasphemy! NO it DOES NOT mean that you have the right to publicly shame a person! NO it DOES NOT mean that you should break their self-esteem!


I believe that everyone should have the right to do or say whatever they please keeping in mind that other people are allowed to have an opinion even if they are misogynist, racists, fascist, bigot etc.

Even the worst of people deserve fair treatment. They might be trash to you, but literal trash when not treated properly ends up hurting the world as a whole.



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