I’m an Idea



My Journey begins like any other human beings life, it starts of with crying, and if followed by some laughter. My life has been a complete roller coaster, with everything being done so quickly and early that I had sometimes, no clue of where anything was going and in which direction. But even though life kept taking turns and turns, I kept on struggling with hard work and force to prevent any bad situations that would enter my life.

I came into this idea of a happy life a long time ago, as I am the oldest one in the family, so I’m bound to take up some responsibilities of the household. With everything kept at another side, my entire life has helped me into keeping it as stable as it can get. And that was done with a couple of hobbies, friends and family.

My hobbies include sports of all kinds, be it cricket, football, snooker, hockey, tennis or any other. Then it is followed by a series of movies, writing, world politics, reading and so on and so forth.

Even though my life has been a complete and utter form of disaster, I kept myself up no matter what, and with they help of a few, it was done with ease.

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Author: imranrazaawan

Currently studying at the Lahore School of Economics, doing Marketing and Media. An enthusiast, a bit of a realist, a more an open minded person then many.

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