Limits To Balance 

Being a normal man I owe my rights. Not only me everyone out there hanging around,playing,working everybody owe their rights. The most prominent and neglected issue is freedom of speech on social media.

Everybody is not that vocal or expressive but still the one’s who attain these qualities are considered as violent and vulgar.

Its just out of my mind how can they judge you on just being vocal on social media and discussing the concerned facts of society. I wonder why is it still a TABOO even in 21st century.

Some Just Don’t Get It

Freedom of speech on social media is a personal choice its the violation of human rights if u consider freedom of speech inappropriate. Every human being own their values and virtues

It doesn’t matter that the platform you are expressing your views is a local or its social media.

According to my level of conceiving social media is the best platform to express your views on something because its the only way to convey your message globally.

I just think that there should be limitations on what you can say in particular situations. I think that people shouldn’t be able to say things that could offend someone or their religion. I also think that they should not say things that could cause people to do immoral things.

Being Expressive is a good thing but it really matters when this is wrongly used as humans have a common attribute that when they have power they exploit it similarly social media is not less than a powerful weapon which we can use to express our thoughts and activities.  People have the right to give their opinions but sometimes this freedom become point of hurting someone.

With the power there comes the responsibility. Freedom of speech helps world to change because it helps us to solve problems and to stand for our rights.

People have lost the true meaning of what it really means. In other words, the public should not be taking for granted this freedom we have. People are protesting, which is increasing crime and violence. They start fighting which doesn’t help anything it only makes things worse. Please don’t use freedom of speech as just an excuse to be an oblivious idiot in public and to physically hurt authority and citizens.

So some limits would not harm the freedom but this would help ending different issues keeping the balance.


Author: saadkhalid19

I have great interest in journalism and photography. I have been doing social work from past 6 years. Currently doing my BBA in Marketing and media from Lse

10 thoughts on “Limits To Balance ”

    1. I agree with you that ‘With power there comes a great responsibility’. But now there is almost no one whom you can find with one who takes responsibility for the matter even he has the power. Every has the right to express its own views. He/she is expressing on its own level. A lot of people protest against all the current issues. Is there anyone who take actions on it? Someone who can solve it. If you are relying on the government that is your own choice. If every individual tries to slove it there is an opportunity that you can. But the authorities as you know which matters the most doesn’t cooperate. There should be freedom of speech and also DIVERSITY OF OPINION. But till how long you can express your views on social media, write blogs etc there will be a time when you will get tired because of the authorities excuses. I appreciate your work that you have come up with but you also know the consequences. Everyone will give its own views but there will be few who would stand with you in the matter. Yes, the society has forget what they had in it. * THE POWER TO CHANGE ONES THOUGHTS*. If they are again shown their place things can be changed. Glad to see if you’re promoting this.

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    1. Glad to see that at least there are some people who are promoting such an important issue which is often being neglected in country.


  1. A really thought provoking message it is 🙂 It feels so good to feel that there are people who endeavour all what they have for the betterment all around.
    Stephen Covey has rightly asserted;
    “It is impossible for us to break the law,we only break ourselves against the law”
    Wishing you guys good luck with this positive and firm attitude in this regard.

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  2. You have talked about FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Everyone has its own right to share his/her views, even its their constitutional right. Today, the difference in the society has degraded the moral values of people and they hesitate to share it on social media or anywhere else. You’ll find a few who has the confidence. That’s a good thing if you’re promoting this issue that has been neglected for a long time. Hope that this issue will be considered on a higher level.


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