A track that constitutes or serves as my path is my pathway. The journey started from Lawrence College Murree in 2003. They say home is where the heart is and my home is my College where i started my education from class one. Living away from family at the age of 6 is a very tough task but it all ends with the never ending memories of life. Living in the hostel gives you a family that you makes yourself and it is a family that is as close to you as your blood relations. My college gave me the memories which i can cherish throughout my life.


I belong to Layyah which is in south punjab. I belong to a political family and i have witness the problems of my people which brings me to a point that i belong to a region where people are the victms but still they have a golden heart. The interest for politics and hunting is inborn to me. I love to talk about my basic roots because i believe that your roots make you who you are. I want to do something for my people and i believe one day i will.


Life is not that easy the way we pretend it, sometimes it really hits you hard mentally and physically. But every day is new day and you have to live your life because you only live onces. For me living is to travel. I love to travel and see the beauty of the world. I love the mountains and i love the peace they have in them. Love for nature brings you the love for Humanity. I believe that travelling is the best learning experience of your life. You learn the cultures and you learn how to respect the right of freedom of others through travelling. I always believed that wherever you go, go with your all heart. Whenever i feel low i try to travel the places i love.


Life at LSE is one of the best learning experience of my life. It made me stronger from inside and it showed me the real world. As time makes you change yourself but it is the test of your values that you stand firm on your belief on what you think is right. LSE gave me a new family. IMG_1149 (1)



Author: jaffarkhan123

An enthusiast interested in politics and realist who would bring about change and serve justice on a federal level. A person who aspires to be great and one day; will be.

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