It’s only 4 words

Actor, music enthusiast, foodie and film fanatic. These four terms describe me perfectly. Let me elaborate on each word in a little more detail.

Actor. I have been apart of many dramatics societies since O Levels and acted in many plays. I find it thrilling to be able to step into a completely new character every time I step on the stage. I am in awe of every response I get after each performance and every time I am surprised at the reactions. I do not want to seem over confident but I like to think I am a great actor. Having won awards for numerous plays is indeed an emphasis on being a great actor.

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Let’s move on to, music enthusiast. Attending music festivals is the dream. Tomorrowland is festival that takes place every year and it features a lot of different musicians from around the world. To attend one would be out of this world, so enthralling that I cannot even picture myself. I love to listen to all kinds of music especially the trance genre. Playing around with different kinds and types of music is something quite interesting to watch as well. Some of my favorite movies are those revolved around ordinary young adults pursuing careers as DJ’s. I love to play around with different tracks if I can, not only does it kill my time but also gives me the opportunity if I can DJ as a hobby.

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Foodie. I love food I mean who doesn’t? I am not a healthy eater at all. I admire all types of cuisines and like to try almost every new restaurant when it opens. My all time favorite is Zouk. I have many fond memories of that place, every other week, my parents and I like to visit that restaurant and simply catch up on each other’s lives. It is our family time in a way. It’s a happy place, as far as I remember.

Film fanatic. I do not analyze movies unfortunately; I watch them for their storylines. Science-fiction is the best genre out there in my personal opinion. The Predestine, World War Z, Gravity, Shutter Island, all movies were great to watch. It’s the fact that high tech can change the world and the outlook of individuals that interests me. It shows that there is more to this world than just the usual routine, the same old people, and lack of innovation when, there indeed is a whole different perspective out there.

These are the four words that describe me and these are the only four words one should know; the rest is mystery. Let’s leave it at that.


A Responsibility

Okay to start we all know what freedom of speech is. An idea to give your opinion, to express oneself without any legal penalty or censorship.  Freedom of speech provides a person to be who they are, what they think and to an extent create an image of themselves to the society. Freedom of speech is power and as they say ”With great power comes great responsibility”. The use of this power is all in your hands, you must be prepared for the consequences as you are responsible for your own words.


Through speech a human being conveys his thoughts, sentiments and feeling to others. Freedom of speech and expression is thus a natural right, which a human being acquires on birth. It is, therefore, a basic right.  It goes on to give political rights that enable one to share ideas. Basically, the Freedom of Expression comprises of things that enable one to impart, receive and seek information without looking at the strategy used. It is said to help in democracy to work and also public participation in decision making because citizens cannot freely express their obligations if they do not have the freedom empowered to them. the free communication of ideas and opinion should be considered as man’s greatest right.


With freedom of speech a person should listen to another too. Its not a one way process. If the power to express yourself is given to you then you should also have ability to endure anothers vision and that is the true essence of freedom of Expression.

Freedom of Speech is  not only a right but it’s a responsibility too. As I mentioned before Freedom of expression is power and the power must be used in a right manner. I think we should be very careful about our words as they have huge impact on human emotions. Too much power leads to a lot of odd things, that is why use of your words and expressing yourself should be controlled and balanced.


We have seen many cases on social media where people have raised their voices for good causes but every now and then we observe many people utilizing their ”Freedom” in a negative way too. Social Media websites have become a platform for everyone and the problem is that it’s being used for every kind of speech. Our aim should be to keep a balance . To Speak and to Listen.

Freedom of expression in a society

Since ancient times, man has attached great importance to his fundamental right of expression. He regarded this right as his proud possession. He defended this right with all his might. If necessary, he even laid down his life to uphold this precious right. History is replete with examples of thousands of men, women, intellectuals, philosophers, artists, writers, politicians, etc, having fought and sacrificed their lives for the sake of this freedom.

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Freedom of expression is crucial to any democracy. To begin with, government make laws base on the constitution of a country. In a free society before laws are made, legislation are examine by those who are in agreement and those opposing. In this case everyone has a say, so it is very difficult for any leader to take advantage of the system. Furthermore, individuals feel safe and valuable in a free country when they are allow to express their feelings by voting during general elections, and even when making community decisions. Trying to remove or reduce this democratic right can cause protest and even riots.


On the the other hand, some people argues that if critical decisions are to be made base on how everyone feels, the country will remain stagnant to change because we cannot please everyone at the same time. They argues further by stating that only some social changes should include the population opinion for instance health and education, whereas matters of national security should always remain unclassified.

To summarize a balance needs to be maintained to create stability in the society.

Freedom is of Speech, Not Hatred

Freedom is not a careless talk, but an expression.

Rules Of Media


Freedom of speech is a regulatory mess. It condemns hatred and racial point of views, but instead we abuse this point and create a more destructive force all-together. Freedom of speech creates the opportune moment for all of us to have this right. but to use it for expression of speech for your own thoughts is considered an integral part of one’s right. Everything should be used with the idea of promoting positivism and not hatred entirely.
In the past years, speech was used to promote their own thoughts and ideas, that should help the people listening and influence them into the movement that ran in that period specifically. The examples of Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela are some of the examples. They promoted the idea of freedom through their speeches and they fought for a cause. What they did then is for their independence and freedom.

Coming to the 21st century, we have yet again successfully abused this power entirely, creating self-destructive people and promoting the idea of freedom of speech, but all for the wrong reasons. We have the idea that freedom is giving hateful comments, judgments, promoting racism, passing unrealistic comments.

I am against freedom of speech, but only if the people stop with the hate and start with the positive in life.

It is a right for everyone, but instead is abused.

Blurred Lines

There are always two sides to freedom.


What is freedom? Freedom is the power to act and respond without any restraint. The state of choice where one can do whatever he pleases to do without being imprisoned or enslaved.  When freedom and speech is connected as they both go hand in hand. It forms freedom of speech.

The era that we live in has surpassed times where people were not allowed to express themselves. Which lead to several human rights movements by many phenomenal leaders. Black people have suffered greatly over the years but two phenomenal leaders have carved history into admiration by their efforts and dedication towards human rights. These two extraordinary leaders are Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr. Freedom of speech is the foundation of every human’s right to living.

Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressor – Martin Luther King Jr.

Freedom of speech has two sides. Each totally different from the other in context and all dimensions. Freedom of speech allows a person to express themselves in the best way possible to bring forward his personal thoughts which allows others to know that person better. By looking at someone you may not be able to judge what they have been through which is why it is important for every person to be able to speak for himself. When people communicate they share personal beliefs and ideas which leads to mixing different ideas and following beliefs. 

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However the country we live in, this right of speech is usually exploited. Everyone having their say in whatever they feel like usually leads to chaos. Freedom to speech has a very dark side to it. A side where even batman wouldn’t want to linger. Hate speech is the most controversial topic in our society. They say that it takes a lifetime to create fame but takes only a few words to dismantle it. When people are allowed to speak for themselves and say whatever they want to they don’t always speak positively. There are million of cyber bullying cases in Pakistan. Bullying is associated with hate speech. As people bully others vocally causing mental trauma and in many cases suicide attempts.

Pakistan not only means freedom and independence but the Muslim Ideology which has to be preserved, which has come to us as a precious gift and treasure and which, we hope others will share with us – Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Freedom lies in raising fair voice

Individualism should be the aim of Freedom. I have always believed that Freedom is not one crossing limits and fighting for unnecessary battles but Freedom is something in which someone actually fights for the right of one’s own self. Freedom is often confused with Oppression hence there will always be a thin line between those two. Freedom in my opinion should always be clear in one’s head. Every person has their own vision for Freedom and what they believe is right, they fight for that. That is not Freedom, this is pure selfishness. Freedom always counts the individualism but it should not be misused for unnecessary fights. Freedom of speech is a forgotten concept these days often confused with some bad concepts. It should be the power to fight for equal rights, those rights could be anything justified.

“Hypocrites are offended by the truth” Jess C. Scott

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Freedom of speech is something meant to be organized and everyone should have equal rights in it. Internet is a wide cloud and a lot of people speak their hearts out there because of a little security and anonymity internet provides in the course of action. Social media has now widened itself to every corner of world and people state their opinions and the sad part is when it comes to speaking where matters, the lock their tongues leaving no room for freedom. Internet gives us a lot of freedom but also puts the lazy factor in us of not running the freedom into real world, we are made so bitter by compromise that now it doesn’t matter to us, we have stepped into the oblivion of compromise that we don’t know what we actually want and the auras around us has made a decision for us. We don’t need to fight for freedom we need to first fight for ourselves, clear our head, and step into the right vision. It should not be stopped or put a barrier by any of the norms, it should be from pure heart.
“If liberty means anything at all. It means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear”
-George Orwell

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Fear is a huge factor in people’s lives, they tend to be scared when they are pinpointed to speak which ruins their confidence and they are so scared of speaking out that they compromise on their freedom. This kind of behavior should change, people should fight for their rights but for fair rights as everyone deserves to be treated fairly. We all have different opinions to our freedom which should be tamed looking at the environment of the world we live in hence the message should not be lost in translation. I hope to spread freedom which is fair to all, and always in the right mind of action.


Protest Against Freedom Of Speech



Freedom of speech in every country means to articulate opinions and ideas without fear of government or social sanction.It is recognized as a human right under article 19 that”everyone shall have the right to hold opinions without interference”.Unfortunately,in our country;people use this to harm others.According to Sir John Stuart Mill:”the only purpose for which power can be rightfully exercised over any member of a civilized community,against his will,is to prevent harm to other.”


People basically wanted their voice to be heard but they do not see how their saying would effect others.As some cultures don’t stomach these types of speeches,you cannot say whatever you think openly,neither against the idea nor in the favor of an idea.For example,if one person is a racist,then he/she should keep thoughts to him/her self.

I believe we should not just focus on being heard,we should focus equally on the opinions of others.