A blessing in disguise?

social media has killed free speech?

Freedom of speech on social media
What’s speech? It’s how we beings express ourselves and convey our feelings to others, but is it important to communicate with others within certain borders. These borders have often been defined as the limitations as to what a person can say which is acceptable and avoid saying those things which are unacceptable.


On social media it’s obvious that people have been given the freedom to say and speak about any idea or anything that they believe or don’t believe in however. Such social media have become a great platform for individuals to speak against for certain social incidents happening around us. Social media pages like twitter and face book are used all around the world by a large number of people , these pages have also helped us connect with all those around us and in a way in can be said that social media is also helping in bridging large cultural and traditional gaps between different groups.

While on one hand social media has provided these benefits to users, certain complications has also arisen from the freedom of speech such as people exploiting their opinions to let down and bully those in lesser circumstances. People also use it as a means of insulting others and disgracing their culture or religion. Those dominant have led others to feel complex and vulnerable so much at times that they’ve withdrawn from their social pages and live in isolation since they’ve become famous on the social media for the wrong pictures. An example of this was when students from the school of aspire in Lahore went to Murree, one of the girls there said “we are proud of you” by mistake and she had been so unfairly made fun of and publicized for such an innocent mistake that she left her school and withdraw from the
Social media.

freedom of spoooch
“If freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be lead, like sheep to the slaughter”
George Washington.


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