Freedom is of Speech, Not Hatred

Freedom is not a careless talk, but an expression.

Rules Of Media


Freedom of speech is a regulatory mess. It condemns hatred and racial point of views, but instead we abuse this point and create a more destructive force all-together. Freedom of speech creates the opportune moment for all of us to have this right. but to use it for expression of speech for your own thoughts is considered an integral part of one’s right. Everything should be used with the idea of promoting positivism and not hatred entirely.
In the past years, speech was used to promote their own thoughts and ideas, that should help the people listening and influence them into the movement that ran in that period specifically. The examples of Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela are some of the examples. They promoted the idea of freedom through their speeches and they fought for a cause. What they did then is for their independence and freedom.

Coming to the 21st century, we have yet again successfully abused this power entirely, creating self-destructive people and promoting the idea of freedom of speech, but all for the wrong reasons. We have the idea that freedom is giving hateful comments, judgments, promoting racism, passing unrealistic comments.

I am against freedom of speech, but only if the people stop with the hate and start with the positive in life.

It is a right for everyone, but instead is abused.

Author: imranrazaawan

Currently studying at the Lahore School of Economics, doing Marketing and Media. An enthusiast, a bit of a realist, a more an open minded person then many.

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