Freedom lies in raising fair voice

Individualism should be the aim of Freedom. I have always believed that Freedom is not one crossing limits and fighting for unnecessary battles but Freedom is something in which someone actually fights for the right of one’s own self. Freedom is often confused with Oppression hence there will always be a thin line between those two. Freedom in my opinion should always be clear in one’s head. Every person has their own vision for Freedom and what they believe is right, they fight for that. That is not Freedom, this is pure selfishness. Freedom always counts the individualism but it should not be misused for unnecessary fights. Freedom of speech is a forgotten concept these days often confused with some bad concepts. It should be the power to fight for equal rights, those rights could be anything justified.

“Hypocrites are offended by the truth” Jess C. Scott

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Freedom of speech is something meant to be organized and everyone should have equal rights in it. Internet is a wide cloud and a lot of people speak their hearts out there because of a little security and anonymity internet provides in the course of action. Social media has now widened itself to every corner of world and people state their opinions and the sad part is when it comes to speaking where matters, the lock their tongues leaving no room for freedom. Internet gives us a lot of freedom but also puts the lazy factor in us of not running the freedom into real world, we are made so bitter by compromise that now it doesn’t matter to us, we have stepped into the oblivion of compromise that we don’t know what we actually want and the auras around us has made a decision for us. We don’t need to fight for freedom we need to first fight for ourselves, clear our head, and step into the right vision. It should not be stopped or put a barrier by any of the norms, it should be from pure heart.
“If liberty means anything at all. It means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear”
-George Orwell

freedom of s

Fear is a huge factor in people’s lives, they tend to be scared when they are pinpointed to speak which ruins their confidence and they are so scared of speaking out that they compromise on their freedom. This kind of behavior should change, people should fight for their rights but for fair rights as everyone deserves to be treated fairly. We all have different opinions to our freedom which should be tamed looking at the environment of the world we live in hence the message should not be lost in translation. I hope to spread freedom which is fair to all, and always in the right mind of action.



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