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In this modern world education and power of media has made people more aware about their rights of freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is the right or power which a person has to, express his or her opinion without any legal penalty or restraint.  A state or a country having a democratic system means that it supports the freedom of speech of the public, but it’s not easy for democratic governments to allow their people freedom of speech and at the same time ensure order and peace within the country.

Freedom of speech is of great significance as it brings a change in society. Freedom of speech allows people to exchange their ideas, thoughts with each other debate on them and come to conclusions which mostly results in good ideas covering the less good ones.  People with a weapon such as free speech can achieve certain rights in the society. In the past women were not allowed to do many things for example vote or work but with help of freedom of speech they were given more rights in the society which further lead to reduction in gender discrimination.  It helps people stand or raise voice against things which are not correct. Many people think of it as a basic right which they should have. Freedom of speech encourages a person to express his personal thoughts without the risk of legal action or fines.


Freedom of speech allows people to express their ideas and opinions but if there is no control over the freedom of speech it can lead to an increase in violence and hatred.  If freedom of speech is not regulated by the government anyone can speak against anyone ,which results in low self-esteem and demotivation ,  further leading to violence and killings. Some ones views can offend someone and they can keep on offending someone in the name of freedom of speech.  Freedom of speech can lead to majority groups offending minority groups in an area. If the public is free to say anything without any control this way they can hurt many people and heat up matters between rival groups. Misuse of freedom of speech is dangerous and considered as something which is impossible to stop.  Social media itself is a platform of freedom of speech through which people express their thoughts and opinions. Usually on social media people tend to post comments or utter things which promote racism and other offending things that lead to hatred amongst people. Social media being easily accessible to everyone has assisted in solving millions of controversies and is promoting women empowerment strongly, through freedom of speech.

There should be freedom of speech but not speech of hate. Freedom of speech should be done in a way that it does not offend anyone and there should be a check from the government on the freedom of speech that would stop people from misusing the freedom of speech. Social media is a platform through which people can easily spread hatred in the name of freedom of speech, against such people government should take strict action.


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