A Responsibility

Okay to start we all know what freedom of speech is. An idea to give your opinion, to express oneself without any legal penalty or censorship.  Freedom of speech provides a person to be who they are, what they think and to an extent create an image of themselves to the society. Freedom of speech is power and as they say ”With great power comes great responsibility”. The use of this power is all in your hands, you must be prepared for the consequences as you are responsible for your own words.


Through speech a human being conveys his thoughts, sentiments and feeling to others. Freedom of speech and expression is thus a natural right, which a human being acquires on birth. It is, therefore, a basic right.  It goes on to give political rights that enable one to share ideas. Basically, the Freedom of Expression comprises of things that enable one to impart, receive and seek information without looking at the strategy used. It is said to help in democracy to work and also public participation in decision making because citizens cannot freely express their obligations if they do not have the freedom empowered to them. the free communication of ideas and opinion should be considered as man’s greatest right.


With freedom of speech a person should listen to another too. Its not a one way process. If the power to express yourself is given to you then you should also have ability to endure anothers vision and that is the true essence of freedom of Expression.

Freedom of Speech is  not only a right but it’s a responsibility too. As I mentioned before Freedom of expression is power and the power must be used in a right manner. I think we should be very careful about our words as they have huge impact on human emotions. Too much power leads to a lot of odd things, that is why use of your words and expressing yourself should be controlled and balanced.


We have seen many cases on social media where people have raised their voices for good causes but every now and then we observe many people utilizing their ”Freedom” in a negative way too. Social Media websites have become a platform for everyone and the problem is that it’s being used for every kind of speech. Our aim should be to keep a balance . To Speak and to Listen.


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