Freedom of speech-learn not to say too much.

The right to free speech is one of the most important rights an individual has a citizen of some country.This right gives opportunity to speak their mind and give opinions of what they think should happen.People basically wanted their voice to be heard.The questioning of these rights are not limit to one era of time but it have been questioned so many times,but the way of saying changed by the time.There is no bad thing if everyone have equal rights to say on anything they wanted to say by the using peaceful mediums and protesting in a peaceful manner too.

As we live in a democratic society and we want the things go in a good way under law.Such that it should not harm anyone neither physically nor mentally. The public should not conflict with the private interest.I believe that if things go parallel where i mean the balance in freedom of speech. As i said above that learn not to say too much means that you should speak only what is required and do consider the time. Such that you must consider that is it the right time to say something and look for the consequences of it.


Author: sheikhali398

Dont be so quick to judge me you only see what i choose to show you

2 thoughts on “Freedom of speech-learn not to say too much.”

  1. We should have these rights. Although we live in a country where law states freedom speech but somehow this law is defied with many others.


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