Freedom speech a Cliche!

IN A sense, this is a golden age for free speech. Your smartphone can call up newspapers from the other side of world in seconds. More than a billion tweets, Facebook posts and blog updates are published every single day. Anyone with access to the internet can be a publisher, and anyone who can reach Wikipedia enters a digital haven where America’s First Amendment reigns.

However, watchdogs report that speaking out is becoming more dangerous—and they are right. As report shows, curbs on free speech have grown tighter,this culture of freedom of speech was created in america,when their were riots in the streets of new york between the whites and the black in the 1950’s and then this took many forms such as women empowerment and rights

Great legends like martin Luther king,fought his lifes against the rights of black and for freedom the speech,Now a days are people really benefiting the world for freedom of speech,dont you agree this caused the legal gay marrage in the country

However United States,has a high tendency of people supporting the free speech,however we know that the moset racist country in the world is itself United States,like wise there are couple of events in our reigns such as INDIA,PAKISTAN,BANGLADESH,DISPUTED TERRITORY OF KASHMIR AS WELL AS THE WESTERN BORDERS SUCH AS IRAN,IRAQ,AFGHANISTAN ETC.these countries have a very low tendency of bearing any kind of speech they don’t like,or particularly they minds dont accept it,ill only recall the recent incident at mardaan university,where MASHAL KHAN ,was brutally beated to death by the fellow students just because some people were saying that mashal spoke something against the HOLYPROPHET (pbuh)- no one confirmed that did he really do that,they just murdered him as they were in aggressive energey.

Likewise another example would be social media star QANDEEL BALOCH(Fozia Azeem) as she showed her body boldly,but what happend she got killed

Some cultures don’t stomach theses types of speeches,you cannot say whatever you think openly ,and niether against the idea nor i support it !


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