It’s only 4 words

Actor, music enthusiast, foodie and film fanatic. These four terms describe me perfectly. Let me elaborate on each word in a little more detail.

Actor. I have been apart of many dramatics societies since O Levels and acted in many plays. I find it thrilling to be able to step into a completely new character every time I step on the stage. I am in awe of every response I get after each performance and every time I am surprised at the reactions. I do not want to seem over confident but I like to think I am a great actor. Having won awards for numerous plays is indeed an emphasis on being a great actor.

18008998_10209104360262508_1466484504_n      18009497_10209104359702494_1914417918_n

Let’s move on to, music enthusiast. Attending music festivals is the dream. Tomorrowland is festival that takes place every year and it features a lot of different musicians from around the world. To attend one would be out of this world, so enthralling that I cannot even picture myself. I love to listen to all kinds of music especially the trance genre. Playing around with different kinds and types of music is something quite interesting to watch as well. Some of my favorite movies are those revolved around ordinary young adults pursuing careers as DJ’s. I love to play around with different tracks if I can, not only does it kill my time but also gives me the opportunity if I can DJ as a hobby.

maxresdefault     pioneer-698515_960_720

Foodie. I love food I mean who doesn’t? I am not a healthy eater at all. I admire all types of cuisines and like to try almost every new restaurant when it opens. My all time favorite is Zouk. I have many fond memories of that place, every other week, my parents and I like to visit that restaurant and simply catch up on each other’s lives. It is our family time in a way. It’s a happy place, as far as I remember.

Film fanatic. I do not analyze movies unfortunately; I watch them for their storylines. Science-fiction is the best genre out there in my personal opinion. The Predestine, World War Z, Gravity, Shutter Island, all movies were great to watch. It’s the fact that high tech can change the world and the outlook of individuals that interests me. It shows that there is more to this world than just the usual routine, the same old people, and lack of innovation when, there indeed is a whole different perspective out there.

These are the four words that describe me and these are the only four words one should know; the rest is mystery. Let’s leave it at that.


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