Vice or Virtue? 

The dilemma to whether freedom of speech is a good thing or a bad one has always existed. I believe that freedom of speech own a part in both the polarities. It has benefits and consequences.

The online media rules have been revised and constantly changed since 1860. These changes are made regionally and the largest amount of laws are made by punjab government.

Raising our voices against the ill, oppression of rights and making our ideologies heard are all the factors that contribute to a progressive society.

I believe that it promotes and positivity creates a ripple effect to accept others and be tolerant. Listening to views and perspectives broadens the horizons on mental capability and helps an individual reside with the better option.

Recent campaign on how Freedom of Speech is good or bad
Most of all, it’s a responsibility. People at times talk and express their side of the story exclaiming that they want to lift the burden off their chest. But they fail to fathom that they are doing it at the expense of someone’s feelings. Words are powerful and contain enough weight to imprint on somebody. Hurting is one thing but it can result in a complexities and bullying.

Recently, the phenomenon of freedom of speech has been misunderstood and taken as a platform to assist vulgarity and sexuality. Somethings are to be kept private and blanketed into a secret.

Some may assume that my thinking is conservative but I am for the freedom of speech as long as the beholder of this responsibility acts appropriately and thinks a million times before uttering a stance that may affect a group of people.
Geo or jeenay dou!


Author: momal3

An enthusiastic and globe trotter. Learing stories and admiring lives that may impact many. Experiencing cultures, foods and individualism. Grab everything that comes your way, spread positivity and embrace change. Because change is the only constant thing.

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