Significance of Free Speech

Free speech refers to when a person is provided with the liberty to speak about anything with freedom and personal will and there is no barrier to what they have to say. It is very much significant on many levels to make a free speech, for instance on individual and personal levels and sometimes the fire goes beyond individuality and reaches out a larger segment.

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To define freedom of speech here goes a very simple definition, “it is the power or right to express one’s opinions without censorship, restraint, or legal penalty”.

Many people have also instituted freedom of speech with the ability and patience to hear about something they don’t want to.

For example:
The great writer George Orwell had to say something about freedom of speech and the the art of telling the masses what they don’t want to hear and this picture shows what he said;
Now this statement by George Orwell who himself wrote about oppression of the state and how there was clear absence of rights among the community and how the ordinary people were victims of heavy surveillance by an invisible aura ( a great example can be his book “1984” ) clearly tells that the masses must have the right to express themselves freely but along with that they must be prepared to accept the bad things it would bring along for them too.


So to conclude we can easily say that the masses must be provided with the right to channelize what they have because if not then it would leave them to state of frustration and that could lead to anarchy in the state but there must be a moderate audit of what the people have to say, some key matters must be closely watched because not everyone is a scholar and too much free speech could again likewise lead to a terrible situation for everyone!

 Situation in Pakistan

PEMRA (Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority) is the regulatory body for the media outlets across Pakistan. They are the ones who have to look after that how much space is given to the media and with how much freedom they can express themselves? Now this is the link to the official website of PEMRA:
Regulatory Authority

This website is useful for the general audience so that they can know about the guidelines that how much autonomy does our state in actual provide us with?


Author: hcheema71

I am a person who strongly believes in the word "Silver-lining" because that is what brings light in my life. All of my present actions are entirely based on what I expect from the future and how can I create it for me. I am person who gets paranoid easily and is a little extra conscious about what is going to come next but hope and faith along with the support of friends, family, tennis and gym is what fuels the fire in me.

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