The paradox of Freedom of Speech

22785f99567c79061967102f33e0327eThe previous posts concerning freedom of speech on this blog have been surrounded mainly over the general phenomenon of freedom of speech. I would however like to focus upon the effects it has and the role it plays in the world of social media. Social media has become a daily part of our lives and we cannot survive without posting almost daily on some social networking website or app. Freedom of speech can be argued for an against and honestly, the amount of freedom one has today thanks to social media could not have been possible several years ago.


Social media has risen many controversial questions on the way people express themselves. A famous quote highlights the fact how today, even the president of a country is not safe from any criticism posed on him/her on social media. One can directly talk to any celebrity or political figure or any person who is famous in any way. This freedom could not have been possible without the existence of social media. This is why social media and its right to provide one with limitless freedom to express themselves is benefiting the lives of many.

However, one can say that this very platform can be threat to the privacy of many and can actually cause emotional harm to some people. Freedom over social media means anyone can say anything you do or don’t do. You are entitled to every kind of feedback whether encouraged or not. It is not your choice! You do not ask for anything, this is something you have to bear if you are a part of social media. Something entirely out of your control. How daunting! Yet we choose to stay the way we are and accept this harsh reality.

We are helpless in a way, yet we are not. It’s a paradoxical phenomenon and an ongoing process which we can’t really do much about. It’s something the world has been revolved around and we are all a part of it. Fortunately or unfortunately.



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